July 26th – The Christmas Ornament Factory



The trees glistened with lights, shiny balls and angels.  Specialty ornaments including birds, animals, sports team logos and cartoon characters lined the walls of the building.  From somewhere above, Christmas music rang through the air as workers filled boxes with orders.

“We have been able to gather ornaments from around the world.  We carry mostly glass, porcelain and china but we can obtain other materials if required.  What can we do to help you Santa?” A stout man, the owner of the Christmas ornament factory, leaned against a forklift and smiled.  He glanced down at Jessie and shuffled a little away from her.

Jessie sniffed.  She could smell the man’s fear and didn’t understand it.  She wagged the tip of her tail and moved closer to the man.

Santa intercepted Jessie and gently pulled her leash towards him.

“I’m interested in the new ornament you have of me.  I understand it is supposed to be a  joke but I find it very inappropriate.  After all, my bathroom rituals are my own business and not yours.  I want the ornament removed from your stocks please.”

The man grimaced, twisted his face and laughed.  “I’m afraid I can’t do that,” said the man.  “It’s become one of our greatest gag sellers and is making a great deal of money.  Besides, there is no such person as Santa Claus.  You are just an old man who makes his money off of the tradition of Christmas”

Santa turned red and clenched his left fist.  He pulled Jessie closer towards him.  “I am Santa Claus and I can and will stop you from selling that ornament.”

“What are you going to do, Santa?  Hit me?”  The man grinned and rolled up his sleeves exposing large muscles on his arms.  He hoarsely laughed and spat on the cement floor.

“I don’t need to do anything of the sort.  I have a computer department at my disposal.  They do excellent work.  All I have to do is spread negative reviews and write critiques in blogs and in local newspapers.  The people will respond and stop you for me.”  Santa breathed in deeply.  “I’m asking you to voluntarily pull the ornament.  I don’t want to ruin your business.”

“Pshaw.  You can’t ruin my business.  Your just a tired old man.  Now get out of my factory before I have you thrown out.”  The man motioned to a couple of guards who sat at a table to come forward.

Santa sighed.  “Fine, we’ll leave.  I’m sorry it has to be this way.”  Santa gently pulled Jessie out of the building and back around the corner to the sled.  He glanced at the dog.  “Sometimes I get tired, Jessie.  Tired of people trying to make money without worrying about the messages they project to children.  It’s not just me he is violating but the tradition of Christmas.”

Santa climbed up into the front seat and helped the dog under her blanket.  ” I guess I shouldn’t get upset.  The elves will take care of the problem once we get home.  I just was hoping that if we gave him a  chance the owner of the factory would do the right thing.  Sometimes I wonder if the spirit of Christmas is lost. Only the future will tell.”

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