July 27th – Molly’s Easy Christmas Tags


  • Cut a rectangular piece of paper from card stock.
  • You will now have a strip.  Fold it in half lengthwise to look like a book.
  • Cut with straight or decorative scissors along the opening to size the tag.
  • From old cards or heavy patterned paper cut a square that will fit inside your folded card.
  • At the upper edge of the book punch a hole so that the hole goes through the spine, as well as, the square of patterned paper.
  • Tie with ribbon or bias tape.
  • Cards can be embellished with sparkles or stick on jewels.

July 27th – The ornament sale

peopleJessie scrambled under the table trying to avoid the running feet.  She was in a hall in Toronto, Ontario  attending the annual ornament sale with Molly.  Every year Santa sold off the last year’s extra ornaments to companies from around the world.  His ornaments were of such high quality that buyers flew in from places as far away as Australia and South Africa.  The money raised was used for research for new ornaments for the next year. Continue reading July 27th – The ornament sale