July 29 – Santa’s Top Ten Favorite Christmas Eve Treats

sleighSanta and Jessie visit millions of homes on Christmas Eve and Santa is grateful that children leave him goodies to ease his rumbly tummy on the long journey.  Santa often receives milk and cookies but his top ten favorite treats were all memorable. This list below tells what food was left, the child who left the treat and Santa’s thoughts about the treat.

  1. Hummus and crackers. – From Sally M’s home – Sally drew a picture of Santa with bulging muscles and a much thinner waste line.  She volunteered in the letter to be his personal trainer in order to get him into shape for his next Christmas trip.  Sally offered Santa hummus as a healthy treat for the evening.  Santa had quite a chuckle from the picture and the exercise offer.  He does love hummus though.  Molly makes it for dinner parties at the North Pole.
  2. – Billy B was just 5 years old when he sneaked his mom’s pumpkin soap onto the plate with the cookies and milk. Billy liked eating soap and blowing bubbles.  He hadn’t yet learned that it wasn’t a good idea too eat things you clean your hands with.  Santa didn’t eat the soap.  Instead he left a nicely scented bar of soap for Billy’s mother and a bubble gun for Billy to blow bubbles with.
  3. Limburger Cheese – Last year Hendrick P left his father’s crackers and cheese for Santa and Santa offered to share with Jessie. Jessie turned up her nose.  She thought the food smelled like smelly socks and Santa had to agree.
  4. Cod Liver Oil Capsules – Dr. Drake, Santa’s personal physician, left the oil out for Santa.  He prescribed the pills as a way to ease Santa’s aching joints during his long trip.  Santa tried the pills and had to admit that he felt better after taking them.
  5. Black Forest Cake – Dieter K – Chocolate and cherries. – Enough said!
  6. Spicy Stir Fried Crickets – Chandra Z – In a light sauce. Santa says he imagined he could feel the legs catching on his throat.  While it was an experience to try the crickets, Santa says he most likely won’t try them again.
  7. A cheeseburger, fries and milkshake – Brendan S – Molly doesn’t cook hamburgers at the North Pole and Santa was eager to share the hamburger with Jessie. It was nice sitting on the top of the roof with the snow gently falling sharing a treat with his best friend.
  8. Peach and Mango Smooth – Skye L – The smoothie was blended to perfection and was light enough Santa didn’t have to let out his belt another notch.  He was feeling rather bloated from a thousand straight houses of milk and cookies.
  9. Grilled snake – Hank K – Hank caught the snake with his father as a gift for Santa. Although Santa didn’t particularly enjoy the snake, he was please that the boy tried to provide Santa with a treat.  Hank had very little of his own and it was nice of him to share what he had.  (Jessie wouldn’t even try the snake.  She hid her head behind the blanket in the sleigh when Santa showed it to her)
  10. Coffee – Many, many houses – Santa drinks tons and tons of coffee each Christmas Eve and he is truly grateful for the steaming mugs of Mocha and Java. It doesn’t matter what the brew is flavored with it keeps him awake enough to fly around the world without dozing off.

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