August 1st – Christmas in July Celebration (almost)

Santa fiddled with the bow tie Molly had attached to his neck.  It was lime green with polka dots.  He thought it looked very cheerful against his drab black tuxedo.  He was waiting on the couch with Jessie for Molly.  She had already changed her dress three times and Santa was trying not to dose off.

Christmas in July Celebration (almost)

Image By 久留米市民(Kurume-Shimin) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0


The Christmas in July ball, which because the holiday Monday in July had fallen on August 1st, was something Molly looked forward to every year.  She loved to get dressed up and to talk to the Faeries.  She spent hours shopping and preparing her outfit for the celebration.  She had spent all morning at the hairdressers getting her hair dyed and fashionably cut.

As Santa yawned, Molly came down the hall wearing a royal blue ball ground. She had a huge corsage of sunflowers and daisies on her left shoulder.  The resulting look was that  she looked like she had a hump on her shoulder. Santa grimaced but said “You look lovely my dear.” He held out his arm for Molly,picked up Jessie’s lead and led them to the sleigh. Soon, after a brief sleigh ride,  the group was just outside  the Queen Faerie’s home.

Jessie out of the sleigh curiously.  The Faeries’ home looked like something of a beehive. It was located in a large snowball bush.  Because the guests were way to large to fit into the building, a picnic supper had been set out under the stars.  The area was lit with fireflies in formation and a full moon.  The clearing was decorated in flowers and spiders had spun webs in messages  of ‘welcome’, ‘magic’, and ‘spirit’.  The tables were fallen logs and giant toadstools acted as the stools for the guests.

Jessie started counting the guests. There must have been a hundred people and faeries in the clearing mingling and talking.  But it looked like she was the only dog.  Jessie sighed.  She had hoped that Angel, or another of the North Pole dogs, would have been invited to the celebration.  She found parties long and she had a hard time keeping out of trouble.  Jessie was afraid of the Queen of the Faeries.  She didn’t want to end up with a pig’s tail or multi-colored fur.

It was Jessie’s  determination to be good that ended up being her downfall that evening.  She stayed as close to Molly and Santa as she could.  She stayed a little too close.  She stood directly behind Santa and Molly hoping that no one could walk into her. She wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t be tempted by the tables of laden food or by children playing on the outskirts of the party.  What Jessie wasn’t expecting was that Santa and Molly quickly stepped backward.  They fell backwards over Jessie onto their behinds.  Molly, who had been holding a silken table cloth, pulled the cloth and contents of the table with her.  The dishes landed in shatters, the cloth wrapped around them, and ladles of gravy and cranberry sauce were splattered all over Santa, Molly and Jessie.

Molly took one look at her crushed corsage and soiled dress and began to cry.  Santa winced and tried to stand up.  He grabbed his ankle.  “Molly, shush. I think I’m going to need some help.  I’ve sprained my ankle.”  Santa held his breath as Molly sniffled and stood up.  She  tried to help Santa up but he was too heavy for her small frame.

A couple of elves hurried over and lifted Santa up easily.  They helped him limp over to a mushroom stool, grabbed him a plate of food, and cheerfully waved good-bye.

Molly dried her eyes. “I guess we had better cut the evening short.  Eat your dinner then we’ll say our good-byes.”  Molly flicked some gravy from her hair onto the grass below her.  She looked down at the dog who was shaking.

“Jessie, it’s okay.  It was an accident.  I was just a little disappointed.She rubbed the dogs head with her outstretched palm.  She watched as a Fairy Doctor flew around Santa’s food wrapping it up tightly.  The doctor waved a golden light over the foot and pronounced, “Excellent, the magic will make it as good as new tomorrow.  I’ll have you escorted to the sleigh.”

Santa, Molly and Jessie flew up towards the moon away from the party as the fireworks started.  Red, gold and green rockets flew up into the sky exploding in sparks.  They looked like flowers sparkling in the sky.  Santa flew around in a circle a couple of time so that they could watch some of the fireworks. Then he headed towards home.  Not really a bad night after all,” he said.

“Santa, what in the world do you mean?  Our clothes are ruined, we didn’t get to mingle and we missed the party.”  Molly looked at him.  Her left eye twitched and she rubbed her forehead.

“Clothes can be replaced and my leg will heal.  What’s more important is we’re together watching the night sky.  I could think of a lot worse things.”  With those words Santa pulled on the reins and took them home to the North Pole where they belonged.


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