August 2nd – Santa’s Candy Jars

Santa rubbed his ankle and sighed. The pain was much better than the day before but he still winced every time he put weight on his foot.   He had hoped to get back to fixing the manufacturing facility but he couldn’t walk far enough.  He would have to leave the project for another day.  He’d also cancelled his morning walk with Jessie.  He didn’t feel well enough to walk to the corner cafe and back.

Santa’s Candy Jars

Instead, Santa pulled out a stack of paperwork and hobbled over to his desk.  Jessie followed him and sat down at his feet where she immediately fell asleep and softly snored.

Santa wished he could join her but he had too much work to do. He concentrated on figures for over an hour until his hand became cramped from writing.  He pushed the papers away and stretched out his hands.  He let his eyes wander around his office.

Santa loved his office.  It was filled with his most favorite things.  In the corner was his bookshelf filled with all the adventure novels and  by the window was a Continue reading August 2nd – Santa’s Candy Jars