August 4th – Santa battles the surf

Lake Huron was churning.  Waves splattered against the golden sand leaving welts in the landscape. Just down the shore the red flag flew briskly at the lifeguard station in Grand Bend, but at Port Blake the beach was quiet.  It was early in the day and Santa and Jessie had ridden the sleigh down to Southern Ontario to spend the day with Santa’s old uncle who was celebrating his 110th birthday.  Santa wasn’t looking forward to the celebration.  His uncle was ailing, and he didn’t like seeing him in pain, but a celebration there would be.  Later in the day they would attend the party but for now Jessie enjoyed a quiet time walking down the beach with her best friend.

The surf on Lake Huron

The pair walked down towards the public beach just away from the water.  Every time the waves got near Jessie’s feet she ran upwards onto the sand.  She had never liked open water and had no intention of getting her feet wet.

Santa picked up a stick and threw it for the dog.  They happily played fetch while making their way down the shore.  Santa threw the stick and Jessie ran to catch it.  She returned it to Santa and then barked until he threw it again.  Santa picked up the stick for another throw but stopped abruptly.  He could hear someone calling nearby.  “Help!” the voice called.  “Help me please!” Continue reading August 4th – Santa battles the surf