August 9th – Jessie versus the sunflower field

Jessie’s tail slumped.  She pushed her way forwards through the woody stems as a trail of golden pollen flew down on her back.  Jessie looked up as high as she could but the flowers were just too tall.  She had lost Santa in the field five minutes ago and had to admit she was lost.

The dog whimpered.  Her ears pointed towards the ground as she tried to sniff the dirt for Santa’s trail.  She smelt rabbit, mold and something like skunk but not the distinct odor of her friend.

Jessie in the sunflower field.

Jessie began to bark hoping to catch Santa’s attention.  She sped up her pace and zig- zagged from side to side sniffing for her friend.  She was so panicked that she didn’t see a rut in the ground before she walked into its side.  The earth below her feet gave way and she flew down a slope into a ditch.  She landed on her tail and yelped.

The dog shook her head and stood up.  Jessie wiggled her back to get the feeling into her behind.  She tried to claw her way up the bank but her feet slid on the lose dirt.  Frantically, she barked  and then she sat down and howled.  Her high pitched voiced traveled across the sunflower field to where Santa was talking to the seed farmer. Continue reading August 9th – Jessie versus the sunflower field