August 11th – 10 More Fun Facts about Santa Claus

  1. Santa once had a pet racoon he named B.J.  B.J. followed Santa around the North Pole and stole sugar cookies from Molly’s pantry.  He liked to go fishing with Santa and was very adept at catching small fish.

    10 more Fun Facts about Santa Claus
  2. Santa broke his left leg when he was young.  He fell off of a horse when riding.  Because of the injury Santa has one leg shorter than the other so he shuffles when he walks.
  3. Santa writes to as many children as he can each year.  He is proficient in over 20 languages but has interpreters to help him with the multitude of other languages around the world.
  4. Santa employs scientists to create handy dandy gadgets for him.  One scientist, for example, created a small mechanical phone that can translate any language.  Santa uses it Christmas eve when he goes to the houses around the world.
  5. Santa  has a small pocket watch given to him by his father.  It runs by magic and tells the time to the exact second.There is a mechanism in the clock to turn back time for 30 seconds.
  6. Santa loves darts but is horrible at the game.  Last year he was the last player to be picked for the junior Elves league.
  7. Santa walks with Jessie through the pet store once a week.  He likes to see the animals up for adoption and tries to convince the store patrons to take the animals home.
  8. Santa hates jelly beans.  He once was given a flavored package of small jelly beans and bit into a coconut one.  He hasn’t touched the candy since.
  9. Santa shaves off his beard just after Christmas but he starts  regrowing it  around the beginning of June.
  10. Santa’s natural hair color is brown.  Christmas Magic turns it white just in time for Christmas.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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