August 12th – 10 Fun facts about Molly Claus

  1. Molly’s hair is red but she likes to dye portions of it green at Christmas, purple at Easter and Black at Halloween.
  2. Molly loves Halloween almost as much as Christmas.  She always throws a huge Halloween party and carves all of the pumpkins herself.

    Molly’s carving
  3. Molly loves Yoga.  Her favorite position is the Downward Dog.
  4. Molly experiments in the kitchen making and packaging different types of candy for the children’s stockings.  She once created and patented a curry candy and Santa puts it in the stockings of children in Asia.
  5. Molly used to competitively swim in university.  She won several medals and still likes to swim laps at the North Pole community pool.
  6. Molly has an older sister was a professional ballet dancer.  Molly used to travel around the world to see her sister’s performances.
  7. Molly’s favorite reindeer is Rudolph.  Rudolph often gets colds and comes to stay at the Claus household.  When he has a cold his nose turns pink and shines dimly.
  8. Molly has one blue eye and one grey eye.
  9. Molly loves music.  She can often be seen in the kitchen dancing while stirring her pots.  She has taught Jessie to dance on her hind legs but Jessie runs every time Molly calls her when the radio is playing.
  10. Molly has a favorite Christmas ornament that he grandmother gave her.  It is a porcelain angel that has the word PEACE hand painted on a scroll.  It is very old and has been in the family for generations.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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