August 16th – Flora and Klaus try again

Santa watched as Flora and Klaus strung together some words to try to heal the manufacturing facility.  The pair had been practicing magic diligently for over a week and Santa could see a definite improvement in the size and color of the light that they produced in their hands.  He watched as the rays of light blended together to surround the building.  They merged into a bright blue fog.  The fog vibrated with energy and deepened as it covered the building.  The fog sat over the structure for some time before slowly blowing away into the sky.Santa

The group held their breathes as they stared at the building.  Santa walked up to the wall and ran his bare hand across the side of the ice.  The structure no longer was spongy but instead was solid and hard.  Santa grinned  and thumped the elves on their backs.  “Success The facility is solid again. I…”


As the group watched a crack appeared from the top of the building and worked its way down the  side of the wall to the floor.Flora gasped and clamped her hands over her mouth.  Santa cringed and watched as the crack grew.  He said a prayer of thanks when the crack stopped widening after several seconds.

From inside the building some of the heat escaped creating wisps of steam and part of a face looked out into the village.

“Don’t panic!  The building should be strong enough to sustain the crack for a while but it must be repaired.  Flora, Klaus,  I’m afraid that I’m going to have to ask you to to go back to the magic books again.  We have a couple of days before the building collapses but no more.  Quickly!  Off to the books!”

Flora and Klaus hurried away to their sleigh and took off at great speed.    Flora was driving and took a turn to sharp so that Klaus almost fell off.  They turned the corner and were lost from view.

Santa looked down at Jessie who was pressing her back into his leg and whining.  “Well, Jess.  I shouldn’t have that it would have been this easy. It’s time we went and visited Jack Frost in the hospital again.  Maybe he can give us an idea of how to fix the problem.  Let’s go, girl.  We’ll have to as soon as visiting hours open tomorrow. ”

Santa clipped the lead on Jessie’s collar and then slowly walked towards the Claus house.  To anyone looking on it would have looked like he aged several years in the last few minutes. “Let’s just hope Jack Frost is a miracle worker, Jessie.  Otherwise there may be no trip on Christmas Eve.”

Countdown to Christmas Eve!


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