August 20th – Santa visits Jack Frost

Santa sneaked around the corner tightly gripping Jessie’s lead.  Nurse Withers did not like dogs roaming around the hospital and Santa knew if she saw Jessie that they would be thrown out of the building. He would have come to see Jack alone but Jack always smiled when he saw Jessie.

Santa peeked around the corner.  When the path was clear he quickly led the dog down the hall to Jack’s room.  The pair reached Jack’s room and Santa pushed the door open.  He flicked on the light and closed the door behind them.  Santa moved to the bed and gently shook the sleeping man.

Jack’s hospital bed

Jack grunted and then groaned before opening his eyes.  He peered out into the gloom of the room.  When his eyes focused he saw Santa and Jessie.  A broad grin passed across his face.  “Well, hello.  I was wondering when you were going to visit.”

Jack sat up in bed and patted the covers beside him.  Jessie moved forward and put her chin by his hand so that he could pat her head.  She licked Jack’s outstretched hand and Jack sighed contentedly.

“I’m sorry we haven’t visited before, Jack.  I’ve had some problems down at the manufacturing facility.  There’s a huge crack in the building.  I don’t want to bother you when your sick but the two elves who are helping us with weather magic are having problems solving the melting problem.  I thought if I came here you might be able to give us some idea of how to heal the building.”  Santa leaned against a steel table and nervously looked at the door.

“It’s easy to fix my man.  Just get me my clothes from the closet and I’ll go finish the job.  I’m due to be released tomorrow so what would one more day matter.”  Jack sat up quickly and then swayed.  He reached his hand up to his temple and held it.  “If I could just get rid of these darned headaches I’d be as good as new.  The pneumonia wasn’t as nearly as bad as the pain in my head. ”  He sunk back into the pillows and wiped his brow.

“Tomorrow is good enough, Jack.  You can take a look then.  I’m relieved your feeling well enough to fix the building.  I had visions of the year without a Christmas.  Now, we”d better be going.  The nurse doesn’t like dogs and I had to sneak Jessie into the building.  When you feel well enough tomorrow give me a call and I’ll come get you.”

“Will do.  Now I think I’ll have another nap until this headache goes away. Good-bye, Jessie.  I’ll see you soon, girl.”  Jack closed his eyes and immediately began to breathe deeply.

“Well, Jessie.  Christmas may be saved after all.  But I don’t know what it will do to Jack’s health.  Let’s hope he’s strong enough to perform the weather magic.  Let’s get out of here before the nurse notices we are here.”

Santa walked over to the door with Jessie behind.  He opened the door to face Nurse Withers.  Santa gulped and tried to hide Jessie behind his legs.  He edged his way around the woman grinning stupidly and almost flew down the hall and out of the hospital.

Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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