August 21st – Jack Frost uses his magic

They stood in front of the building and looked at the crack running from the top of the wall to the floor.  It had expanded by about a foot and the workers inside could be easily be seen at their workstations.

Jack curiously examined the ice in the wall and furrowed his brow.  “Shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  Let’s see where’s my book?” Jack looked at Klaus and Flora and motioned the pair towards him.

Klaus hurried forward and held out the boo and Jack eagerly grabbed it.  He caressed the soft cover and held it to his chest.  Jack  mumbled a few words and opened the book to the very back page.  He licked his finger and began thumbing through the lines words.  Near the bottom of the page his face brightened.scaredsanta

“Here it is Santa,  just give me a moment.”  Jack closed his eyes as he swayed back and forth.  He held his hands up to the opening and a strong ray of blue magic poured forth from his fingers.  The ray moved from the bottom of the building up to the very top.  As it moved it filled the space with frozen water in a pure white line.  When the ray reached the sky it dimmed and went out.”

Santa sighed in relief and touched the wall where it had been mended. It was solid as it was when he first became Santa Claus.  He knocked on the wall and was satisfied to hear a dull thud.   Santa called to his friend.  “Jack, you’ve done it.  You’ve saved Christmas. ”  He turned around to smile and shake Jack’s hand.  Santa’s face fell and he sprinted forward.  “Jack!”

Jack Frost lay crumpled in a pile snow.

Christmas Eve Countdown!

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