Santa’s favorite Christmas ornaments

  1. A toy train that plays Christmas Carols.  It reminds him of his childhood playing under the Christmas tree.
  2. An electric Ferris wheel.  Santa and Molly went on one of their first dates to the Western Fair and Santa sneaked a kiss from Molly.  The Ferris wheel reminds him of that night.

    Santa’s ornament
  3. A bird in a nest given to him by his niece.  She saved up her pocket money to buy Santa the present.  It always warms his heart to see the little bird on the tree.
  4. A series of shiny stars that Molly quilted out of silver fabric.  They light up the tree and twinkle off the lights.
  5. His nativity scene.
  6. A cowboy boot.  Santa received it as a gift from a farm that he purchased cheese from or the Christmas baskets.  The farmer became one of his friends and Santa admired his fine leather boots when he saw him.  His friend gave him the boot ornament for his birthday.
  7. Twinkle lights.  The beautiful specks of light give a peaceful atmosphere to Santa’s tree.
  8. A personalized ornament of Santa, Molly and Jessie taken at the beach.  Everyone in the picture is smiling on a windswept afternoon.
  9. A doughnut.  Make of glass it reminds him of his trips across the road with Jessie to the cafe.  the owner gave him the ornament as an advertisement for his business but Santa still likes it.
  10. A banner for the North Pole Ski team.  Santa loves to watch them compete.  The miniature banner always goes near the top of his tree.
Countdown To Christmas Eve!


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