Jessie’s favorite forms of transportation with Santa

  1. The husky team.  Santa loves to slide across the snow delivering packages to the outlying communities.  Jessie has joined the team on several occasions and Santa gets pure joy from watching her run with her ears flopping in the rim.

    Horse and Wagon
    Santa travels by horse and wagon frequently
  2. Helicopter.  When Santa was a child he was afraid of heights. When he was older he took a ride on a helicopter which cured his fear and made him love flying.
  3. Horse and buggy.  Santa loves to hear the jingle of the bells as he and Molly snuggle under a blanket. Sometimes Jessie sneaks along too.
  4. Speed Boats – In the summer Santa loves to spend time at the beach.  His friend has a speed boat and the pair go for trips fishing and water skiing
  5. Canoe – Jessie and Santa canoe down a river in Algonquin park each summer.  Jessie sits in the front of the boat and barks at the moving water as Santa stears them along.
  6. Monster Truck. – Santa likes visiting Monster Truck rallies.  Molly refuses to go with him and the noise is too great for Jessie’s sensitive ears so he goes to the rallies alone.  He wishes he had someone to go with him.
  7. Magic Carpet – Only used once or twice when on a mission for the fairies but he says it was fun.
  8. Planes – Santa likes to look out of the air craft and see the fluffy white clouds.  He says it makes him feel free.
  9. Bicycle.  Since Santa is trying to lose weight he has cycled all over the world.  He gets to meet and talk to people on his bike and he enjoys their company
  10. The sleigh of course – Santa never tires of the movement of the reindeer and the sound of the jingle bells.

    Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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