August 27 – Jessie is bitten

Jessie snapped her teeth and raced around in circles.  She was going to get the tiny creature that was biting her nose.  She snapped again and missed the purple object by an inch.

Jessie looked at the strange creature.  It had a small pointednose, wings and a long tail.  Scales flashes in the sun as it moved back and forth.  It hovered over Jessie and then zoomed down to clench Jessie’s nose again.

Jessie ran under the picnic table and shook.  She lay down on the ground and tried to hide her nose from the creature by putting her paw over her nose.  She sat for several minutes without moving then stirred slightly to peek out into the daylight.  The creature advanced and struck.  It clenched down hard onto the dog’s nose.

The baby dragon

Jessie yelped and ran around the table.  She raised her paw and was about to bat the creature across the yard when Santa’s hand reached down and grabbed it.

Santa  patted Jessie on the head and then pushed his glasses up his nose.  He peered closely into his palm.  “My goodness, Jessie.  Look what you found.  It’s a baby dragon.  When their born they’re really tiny.  It’s amazing how large they get after a few months.”

Santa looked down at the dog and cringed.  “He must be hungry, that’s why he’s been chasing you.Unfortunately, in some countries dragons eat dogs.”

Jessie whimpered and backed away. Continue reading August 27 – Jessie is bitten