Sept. 7th – Little known facts about elves

  1. Elves eat honey and raisin toast for breakfast.  They extract their own honey from hives they have tended down South.elf
  2. Elves are related to the Faeries.  They have minor magical powers that allow them to make toys in little time.
  3. Elves love to dress in bright colors.  They wear pointy shoes and toques to keep their head warm.
  4. Elves families are very close and the grandmother is considered the most knowledgeable person in the group.
  5. It is not unknown for elves to live upward of two hundred years or so. The oldest known elf was known to be 525 years old.
  6. Elves go crazy for cola.  They have been known to get in fights for a can. They love the drink so much Santa limits the amount that is imported into the North Pole.
  7. Elves have a month off in January for vacation.  They tend to spend it in southern climes on the beach.
  8. Elves like to snowboard.  Santa provides a trip to the mountains once a year so that they can participate in the sport.
  9. Elves usually have 3 middle names.  The names include a form of their father’s name, their mother’s name and their grandmother’s name.
  10. Elves like coffee but it causes them to become anxious.  One elf after drinking a cup was known to jump and hit his head on the ceiling.

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