Sept. 7th – More little known facts about Elves.

  1. Elves have a tradition of kissing under the Christmas Angel at the top of the tree.
  2. Elves make an old fashioned drink called mead.  They drink it in great quantities at celebrations.   This usually causes them to break out in song.elf
  3. Elves are taught to play music when they are children. It is no wonder that through their lives they continue to sing at any moment possible.  They especially like Christmas Carols.
  4. Elves celebrate Rhyming Day on October 1st.  Every sentence they say on that day must rhyme.  The day irritates Santa as he never can get a straight answer from the elves during their rhyming time.  Fortunately, it only lasts one day.
  5. Elves are adept at husky racing.  As children they are taught to be mushers.  They are very good at telling their surroundings and seldom get lost.
  6. Most elves in the village are related.  There are only a couple of “adoptees” who moved in from the southern elf villages to the North Pole.
  7. Elves have a huge Christmas decoration contest each year.  They dress the town in lights, music and other decorations.  The winner of the contest gets an extra week of vacation in January.
  8. Elves easily catch colds.  It is not unusual to have the hospital full of sneezing residents.  They often go to Molly who treats them with chicken soup and honey.
  9. Elves are afraid of outsiders.  They tend to hide when people they don’t know come into town.
  10. Elves sort over a billion letters to Santa each year.  Each letter is replied and delivered to the child who sent it.

Countdown to Christmas Eve!