Little Known Facts about Molly Claus

  1. Molly Claus was a red head when she was younger.  Now she is older she celebrates festivities by dying her long locks with patches of purple, red and orange.

    Ms. Claus
  2. Molly graduated from University with a degree in Engineering and has also taken courses in cooking at college.
  3. Molly likes to dream up confections for the children each year.  She has her own laboratory where she spends the month of February deciding what candy and cakes will be produced for the next year.
  4. Molly is afraid of spiders.  She once jumped on the couch when a spider scurried across the coffee table.
  5. Molly’s favorite drink is iced tea.  She enjoys the liquid all year long but celebrates with hot cocoa at Christmas.
  6. Molly has 2 sisters and a brother who help with Santa’s business.  They work at the warehouses in several places.
  7. Molly had a child but the boy died early from cancer.  Each year the Claus’s celebrate his life by holding a party for children at the local children’s hospital.
  8. Molly likes to design rooms.  Her favorite room in the clause house is lilac.
  9. Molly reads books whenever she has free time.  She likes mysteries and cookbooks.
  10. Molly loves Christmas movies.  She has watched the Grinch 215 times.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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