The Dragon Clutch

Santa had called upon the Faerie queen to user her magic to find the baby dragon’s clutch.

The baby queen

The queen had  looked into her enchanted pool and immediately saw the baby’s brothers and sisters on the side of an outcropping in Wiarton, Canada.  She showed the image to Santa.  “I assume you will take the baby queen home, Santa.  I will provide you with a potion for the clutch to protect the queen from whoever stole her from her family.”

The queen busily began pullin sage leave, mandrake root, and other herbs and plants from the air.  Soon, she had a bubbling pot the size of a penny boiling over a tiny fire.  The Faerie queen stirred the potion until Jessie thought it smelled like a skunk and then pronounced the elixir was ready.

:”You must give the potion to the baby queen when she is with her brothers and sisters.  It will bind them together.   If you give the potion to the creature before hand she will die along with her family.”

Santa grimaced.  He knew that it was important to save dragon clutches.  There were very few left in the industrialized world but he didn’t realize he would have to go to the clutch himself. He had thought he could fly the animal to its home and have a dragon scientist replace the queen in her nest.

Santa sighed.  “All right, Jessie and I will start on the trail tomorrow. Is there anything else we should keep an eye out for?”

The Faerie queen shifted and brushed her long hair back behind her temple.  “Only, that if your dog drinks the potion she will get very sick.”  The queen stared at Jessie who was sniffing the vial with the dragon’s potion inside  At the Faerie’s words she backed away into the corner and hid her head.

“Thank-you,” said Santa. “We will do the best we can to save the clutch.  We’ll leave late tonight so that we can be at the clutch at daybreak” Continue reading The Dragon Clutch