Jessie’s Halloween treat

Jessie ducked as three zombie elves zoomed around her and ran into the bushes.  It was the great Halloween party hosted by Molly and Santa in the North Pole park.pumpkins

The event had begun early in the day with pumpkin carving, tug of war, costume contests and a scary face contest.  The evening was later filled with trick-or-treating and a dance in the town square. Jessie, Molly and Santa were at the dance and Jessie was trying to avoid the scary costumes that surrounded her. She ducked behind Molly and stopped abruptly.  She raised her nose to the air a sniffed above her head.  Then her tail began to pound against the side of Santa’s boots.  Jessie pulled at her lead and Santa looked down. Continue reading Jessie’s Halloween treat

Little known facts about Elves

  • Elves love peanut butter candy.  They love it so much that they have a special day where they eat only desserts made with the confection.

    A young elf
  • Elves spend a year when they are young traveling together around the world and meeting children.  Often their time is spent helping out children’s charities in the various countries.
  • Elves have a choosing day where they decide what kind of trade they are going to work on in Santa’s facilities. Providing gifts for children creates over a hundred different types of jobs.
  • An elf’s grandmother chooses the child’s name when he/she is born.
  • Elves have a polar dip on Christmas day after the gifts have been delivered.  No one remembers when the tradition started but now the day is filled with fun and freezing water.
  • Elf children receive gifts from the workshop on their naming day.  Usually the gifts are made by their relatives.
  • Elf children who wear glasses are said to have an inner insight into children’s dreams.  It is said that the fairies blessed the elf child and gave him/her the ability to interpret children’s wants and desires.
  • Elves love costumes.  Each day of the week has a theme and many of the elves will dress for the occasion.  Yesterday was pajama day and almost all of the elves came to work wearing thick, colorful pj’s over their work uniforms.

Countdown to Christmas Eve!