Jessie versus the dragon

Santa grunted as he climbed up the embankment.  Jessie and him had brought the baby

The baby queen dragon

queen dragon to Wiarton hoping to reunite her with her family.  But, upon arriving, Santa found that the nest was located up an embankment and then up a pile of rocks.  Santa had sighed and begun his climb while carefully cradling the baby to his chest.  It was quite a climb and Santa was covered with dust and scratches as he got closer to the nest.

Jessie whined below and plopped down on the sand.  She strained her neck to see her friend above.  She sighed loud enough so that Santa could hear her as he climbed up the last few rocks and reached the summit.

Santa looked down into the nest of twigs and dirt. Nestled inside he could see many tiny dragons all basking in the warm Autumn sun.  He carefully placed the queen into the middle of the group and held on to the side of the nest watching to see what would happen.  A tiny green body moved next to the queen and nudged her side.  He nestled down beside her and fell immediately asleep.  The queen yawned and lay down beside him and pushed some twigs into a pile in front of her.  She lay her head on the twigs and closed her eyes.

Santa grinned.  It had been a tiring mission to return the queen but he was happy to see the family together again.  He didn’t know who had stolen the baby but she would be safe in the nest now protected by her mother. Santa adjusted his glasses and looked down.  He waved down at Jessie.  The dog yipped happily for a few moments before suddenly starting to bark furiously.

Santa turned his head and looked behind him.  A huge figure was gliding and swooshing towards him over the horizon.  The figure flew on a straight path towards the nest.  As it approached, Santa recognized it as the mother dragon.  The dragon spotted Santa, screamed and increased her speed.  She sped directly towards Santa’s back.

Santa turned white and scrambled down the stones.  He was just crashing down the embankment when Jessie’s barks grew louder.

The dragon, now closer, heard the dog and screamed once more.  It raised its talons and headed towards the dog.  The dog barked even louder and tried to run towards the dragon.

Santa cried out, ran to the dog and pulled her into a small cave situated at the edge of the beach.  He held onto the dog’s collar tightly as she tried to drag him out to meet the dragon.

The dragon landed on the sand and tried to push its body into the cave.  Fortunately, it was too large for the opening.  The dragon sat on the sand looking in.  Its warm breath oozed through the small opening.

“Jessie, stop!  The dragon will never go away until you stop.”  Santa gripped the dog tightly and hugged her in his arms.

Jessie looked at her friend.  Yipped a couple of times questioningly and then fell silent.  She licked Santa on the nose.

Santa sighed and petted her back.  He leaned against the rocks behind him and then sat down on the ground to wait.

Eventually, the dragon lost patience and rose up towards its nest.  When it reached its home it looked into the twigs and gave a cry.  It nudged something beneath it and sniffed.  Then the dragon then stretched out its wings to cover its children beneath it.  She tucked her head under her wings with one eye pointed outwards toward the world.

Seizing his chance, Santa quickly pulled the dog out of the cave and ran towards the sled.  The dragon raised its head and screamed again but did not move as Santa and Jessie rose into the air.  As they raced away Santa couldn’t help but think of how close they had come to becoming a dragon’s dinner.  He looked at Jessie and smiled. The dog was very brave but she didn’t know when to run.  He would have to keep a careful eye on her. Santa chuckled at the memory of the small dog barking at the giant dragon.  He turned the sled towards the safety of the North Pole.

Countdown to Christmas Eve!


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