Molly’s Favorite Christmas Gifts ever!

Molly Claus
  1. A pair of earrings her mother gave her.  They were given to her mother by her great grandmother when Molly’s mom and dad were married.  The earrings are huge and ugly.  In fact they look like oversized bottle caps.  Molly loves them though because they remind her of family.
  2. A recipe for eggnog from Jack Frost.  Molly loves to cook and tried for years to replicate Jack’s special recipe with no luck. With a little Christmas magic and Jack’s recipe she has created a drink that everyone in the North Pole clamors for.
  3. Peace at the North Pole.  Just before her husband became Santa the elves were on strike for better pay.  When Santa took over he was successful in negotiating a contract with the elves for the next 100 years.  Ever since the pole has been a peaceful place to live.
  4. A new kitchen.  Santa surprised Molly with a new kitchen just before Jessie was adopted.  It is a professional chef’s kitchen.  It allows Molly and her assistants to create sweet treats for the children easily and efficiently.
  5. Jessie.  Molly is truly grateful Santa found Jessie.  While Jessie is a handful she has brought love, joy and play back into the Claus household.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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