Little know facts about Elves

An elf worker
  • The elves have a tendency to jump up and dance in the middle of conversing with you.
  • The elves are particularly fond of show tunes and will sing for hours.
  • Every Saturday morning the elves make peanut butter chocolate ice cream for breakfast. Sometimes they get the mixture all over Molly’s kitchen and it takes her a day to clean up the mess.
  • Elves like to play hockey and are very competitive. Many elves play on several competitive leagues in their spare time.
  • Elves do not like broccoli or cauliflower. They say the vegetables are stinky and hold their noses when they see the vegetables.
  • The elves study the stars. They have years of star movements written down their own historical language before they switched over to writing in English.
  • Elves are able to do small smidges of magic. That’s why the Christmas gifts Santa gives to children are so loved.
  • Each year every elf in the town makes a special ornament for the community Christmas tree. Because the elves love color so much the tree is often bright enough to be seen from all around town.
  • Elves study all kinds of English literature but are particularly fond of adventure and children’s books.
  • The elves sometimes visit children in the hospital in their sleep. They use their magic to try to cure them of their illnesses.
  • Elf children are given 20 silver coins on their birth. The number 20 is supposed to be lucky and the coins are supposed to represent a good life ahead.
  • Baby elves sometimes look like fairies. They are often born with multicolored hair and glowing noses just like the fairies of the forest.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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