Jessie’s Halloween treat

Jessie ducked as three zombie elves zoomed around her and ran into the bushes.  It was the great Halloween party hosted by Molly and Santa in the North Pole park.pumpkins

The event had begun early in the day with pumpkin carving, tug of war, costume contests and a scary face contest.  The evening was later filled with trick-or-treating and a dance in the town square. Jessie, Molly and Santa were at the dance and Jessie was trying to avoid the scary costumes that surrounded her. She ducked behind Molly and stopped abruptly.  She raised her nose to the air a sniffed above her head.  Then her tail began to pound against the side of Santa’s boots.  Jessie pulled at her lead and Santa looked down.

‘Jessie, where are you off to?” he asked quizzically.  “You’ll miss Molly dressed as a pirate if you don’t sit still, girl?”

Jessie tugged harder on the lead and Santa stumbled a few steps before regaining his footing.  He sighed, glanced behind his shoulder and followed the dog.

Jessie and Santa wound their way around elves and walked towards the center of the park. Beside the Christmas tree was a table piled with pieces of pumpkin pie sitting ready for the party goers.  Jessie sat on her haunches pounding her tail and whining at Santa.

“Jessie, you can’t be hungry we had roast for dinner.” Santa looked over his glasses at the dog. She looked so hopeful at the table that Santa sighed.  “I guess we didn’t have dessert and I love pumpkin pie.  Let’s have a piece.  But only one.”  Santa placed one plate on the ground for jessie and started eating his piece. He looked down.  The dog had already consumed the piece and had pie filling smothered across her face.  She licked her face furiously and then started to beg Santa for some of his pie.

“No, girl. You’ve already had your piece.  This is mine.”  Santa backed up a little as Jessie wound the lead around his legs.  She looked up trying to beg for more food.

Santa took a step away and almost fell over.  He sighed again and gave the dog the remainder of his dish while he tried to extricate himself from the tangled lead.

Jessie finished the plate and looked at the table hopefully.

“No!  No more tonight, girl.”

Jessie’s ears went down and then looked away from Santa.

‘it’s okay Jessie.  You just can’t have anymore food.”  Santa reached down and petted the dog.  “Let’s go back and find Molly.’

Jessie’s tail pounded as she followed Santa to the dance.  Standing on the stage was Molly dressed as a pirate.  She was thanking the volunteers who put together the party.  She finished her speech and came forward with her hands behind her back.

“There you are.  I thought you’ forgot me.” Molly smiled and winked at the pair.  “We forgot dessert at dinner so I brought you a treat.”  Molly pulled from behind her back a piece of pie for each of them.

Santa groaned and jessie pulled forward whining.

A perplexed look crossed Molly’s face until she looked at the dog’s fur around her mouth.

“Well Jessie,  I see you didn’t wait for me.  I guess there’s no tricks for you just treats tonight.  I’ll let you have one more tiny piece.  Happy Halloween, girl. “


To all Santa’s little friends.  Have a happy haunted Halloween!


Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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