Molly’s Christmas Cactus

Molly loves to garden but in the winter of the year there are very few plants that she can keep living in the North Pole.

Molly’s Christmas Cactus

Santa built her a specialized stand that has a grow light in it to help her blossoms grow.  So Molly has tried growing everything from pineapples to tulips under the lights.  She has not had much luck with many plants but can always grow her favorite the Christmas Cactus.  Continue reading Molly’s Christmas Cactus

Little known facts about Ms. Claus

  • Molly Claus was named after her great grandmother who was one of the first doctors in Canada.

    Molly Claus
  • Molly’s favorite sweater embroidered animals sewn on the front of it.  She got it as a gift from an elf girl who was sick in the hospital.
  • Molly volunteers at the North Pole hospital where she hands out comic books and puzzles to sick children.  She also visits with the children when their lonely.
  • Molly has 200 recipes for candy that she created herself. Each year she creates a new recipe for the children’s stockings.
  • Molly has been trying to learn to knit since she was a child. While she is an excellent sewer her knitting always turns out wonky.
  • Molly has entered several marathons.  She has never come in first but she always finishes.
  • Molly is a god-mother to 35 elf children.
  • Molly loves potato chips.  Her favorite kind is dill pickle.
  • Molly has many friends from when she went to school.  Each year her friends get together to visit in a different place around the world.  This year they visited France.

Countdown to Christmas Eve!