Little known facts about Ms. Claus

  • Molly Claus was named after her great grandmother who was one of the first doctors in Canada.

    Molly Claus
  • Molly’s favorite sweater embroidered animals sewn on the front of it.  She got it as a gift from an elf girl who was sick in the hospital.
  • Molly volunteers at the North Pole hospital where she hands out comic books and puzzles to sick children.  She also visits with the children when their lonely.
  • Molly has 200 recipes for candy that she created herself. Each year she creates a new recipe for the children’s stockings.
  • Molly has been trying to learn to knit since she was a child. While she is an excellent sewer her knitting always turns out wonky.
  • Molly has entered several marathons.  She has never come in first but she always finishes.
  • Molly is a god-mother to 35 elf children.
  • Molly loves potato chips.  Her favorite kind is dill pickle.
  • Molly has many friends from when she went to school.  Each year her friends get together to visit in a different place around the world.  This year they visited France.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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