Molly’s Christmas Cactus

Molly loves to garden but in the winter of the year there are very few plants that she can keep living in the North Pole.

Molly’s Christmas Cactus

Santa built her a specialized stand that has a grow light in it to help her blossoms grow.  So Molly has tried growing everything from pineapples to tulips under the lights.  She has not had much luck with many plants but can always grow her favorite the Christmas Cactus. 

The Christmas Cactus is close to Molly’s heart because her wedding bouquet had strands of pink cactus twined with carnations and baby’s breath. Molly was able to keep snips of the cactus from her bouquet and grow them.  She still has several shoots taken off of the original cactus. They plants are big now and still bloom near Christmas time.

It has begun a tradition among the elves that Molly provides a sprig of Christmas Cactus for Christmas brides.  It is said that if the flower blooms on the day of the elf’s wedding then the bride’s marriage and the bride’s children will be happy.

One day Jessie decided she likes Molly’s oldest cactus .  Jessie tried to rub her head on the leaves and  knocked many of the delicate flowers on the floor.  To stop this, Molly grabbed the dog biscuits and called the dog every time she got near the plant.  Jessie enjoyed the cookies and then trotted back to rub her ears on the plant each time.

When Santa chuckled at the situation Molly stomped over to the plant and put it on the very top of the garden stand where Jessie couldn’t reach it.  Unfortunately, the cactus didn’t like being moved once it bloomed and all of the blooms fell off onto the floor the next day.  Ever since, Molly has kept her precious plant on the top shelf of Santa’s garden.


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