Jessie visits the dog pound

Jessie whined as Santa opened the big set of steel doors.  She could smell the scent of fear in the building.  Jessie shook and tried to dig her feet into the walkway as Santa tried to lead her into the building.  Jessie could smell that they were in a dog pound.  She had lived in one in Thunder Bay before her previous friend had adopted her and didn’t want to be anywhere near another pound.dogpound

“Come on, girl.  We need to go in.  What’s gotten into you?”  Santa tugged on the dog’s leash and frowned.  Jessie was shaking so hard that her ears jiggled from side to side.  He opened a door and gently pulled the dog into the lobby of the building. He walked up to the counter and rang a silver bell that sat on the desk.  “Hello,  is there anyone here?” called Santa.

A door down the hall scraped open, slammed shut and then a young woman approached the desk.  She grabbed a pile of papers off of a table as she passed by.  “Fill these forms in.  I’ll need them in duplicate,” she said.  Continue reading Jessie visits the dog pound