Jessie and the Marbles

marblesSanta absentmindedly threw the ball across the warehouse as jessie flew threw the air following the sphere.  She grabbed the ball and trotted back to Santa’s side wagging her tail. Jessie dropped the ball at Santa’s feet and whined.  She looked up at her friend with her tongue wagging.

Santa shuffled his cell phone from one hand to the other, picked up the ball, and threw it again.  This time it had a little too much top spin.  It sailed across the warehouse and landed in a bin across the walkway.

Jessie zoomed to the bin and barked.  She shuffled around the outside jumping up trying to look inside.  She pushed the bin with her nose.  When this did nothing, she jumped up and rammed her body against the cardboard bin.

“Jessie, stop that!” called Santa.  “I’ll get it for you when I’m off the phone.” Santa turned his back towards the desk and continued his conversation. “Hello… yes, I’m sorry about that.  As I was saying…”

Jessie whined from across the room.  When Santa did not come to retrieve the ball, she jumped harder on the bin.  A thunderous noise filled the warehouse as the cardboard collapsed and the contents spilled onto the floor. Hundreds of tiny marbles scattered across the walkway rolling into the cracks and crevices of the building.

Jessie jumped at the noise.  When the marbles stopped moving the tennis ball stuck out in the middle of the floor.  It was surrounded by tiny orbs.

Jessie’s ears perked up and she moved to race after the ball.  Her right foot slid on several marbles and she fell onto the floor.  Jessie lay on her side and whined.  She shakily stood and shook her head from side to side.  She tried to move towards the ball again but fell.

Jessie stood up a second time. her ears hung low and she held one paw up in front of her.

Santa called out from across the floor.  “Jessie, sit!  Sit down, girl!”  Santa quickly hung up the cell phone and grabbed an old broom from the corner of the office.  He began sweeping marbles out of his way leaving a path free from him towards the office.  Santa reached the dog and leaned down. He touched the dog’s leg as Jessie whined louder.  Santa grimaced and stroked the dog’s head.  He gingerly felt the bones of the leg.

‘I don’t think it’s broken, girl.  I think you just pulled it but let’s go see the vet Posey to be sure.” Santa picked up the dog and grunted.  “You’re heavier than I remember.  You’ve been eating too many cookies.”

Santa walked down the open path towards the door.  He stopped to ask a few elves to clean up the remaining marbles and left the building to walk the short distance across the road to Posey’s veterinary clinic.

To be continued….

Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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