Little known facts about Ms Claus

  • In December Molly Claus makes gifts for 30 of her family members.  She sews, crafts, bakes, writes and scrapbooks something special for each one.msclaus
  • Molly is responsible for the treats that goes into every child’s Christmas basket during the holidays.  She has a team of elves that help to create new and exciting confections every year.
  • Molly is short.  She stands two feet shorter in Santa Claus even when he is not wearing his boots.
  • Molly has designed a Christmas wrapping paper line that is sold in a predominant retailer.  The earnings of the wrapping are given to animal charities around the world.
  • Molly has taught Jessie to ring a bell when she would like to go outside for a walk. Initially pleased with the accomplishment, Molly has become impatient with Jessie as the dog rings the bell non stop to go out and play.
  • Molly  had the elves hung 100,000 lights on her home this holiday season.  She loves seeing the twinkling lights during the long dark December nights and has decorated her home in a theme of green and red.
  • Molly loves to eat vegetables.  Her favorite vegetable is the carrot.  she enjoys the snap when she bites off a piece of a raw carrot.  Molly hates cabbage.  Her mother used to make cabbage soup once a week when she was a child and Molly can no longer stand the smell.
  • Molly is n expert gift wrapper.  She has papers to prove it.  She attended a workshop on imaginative gift wrapping at a wrapping retailer and passed the course with flying colors.  In fact, she was given a trophy for most imaginative packages.
  • Molly likes to travel by dog sled in the bad weather.  She says she can get around the North Pole much faster with the dogs pulling her.  She is always sure to bring a treat for each and every dog in the team.
  • 16days
    Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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