Jessie goes to the vet

Santa walked the short distance from the manufacturing facility to Posey’s vet clinic.  He pushed open the door with his foot and carried the dog to an examining table.  “Posey, Jessie fell and hurt herself.  Can you please help?”marbles

Santa placed the dog on the table and stroked her soft fur as Posey emerged from the back room carrying a kitten.  She placed the tiny creature in a carrier and hurried over to Santa.  “What happened?” she asked.

“Jessie slid on a carpet of marbles.” Santa mumbled as he looked away from Posey.

Posey looked quizzically at Santa but did not say anything.  Instead, she reached down and felt the muscles and bones on the dog’s legs.  As she touched her right foot Jessie whimpered.  Posey gingerly felt up and down the spot again.

“I think it’s just a strain. There doesn’t seem to be anything broken and I don’t think there’s a fracture.  I’ll give Jessie some pain medication.  If she doesn’t get better in a few days bring her back and we’ll do an x-ray to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

Posey turned to the big white cabinet behind her and retrieved two bottles.  One bottle was medication for the dog and the other was for Santa.  “It’s my special blend of herbs and cocoa.  It will make you feel better, Santa.”

Posey reached into a box by the table and pulled out several cookies.  She handed one to the dog and Jessie gingerly took the treat and munched on it.  Posey smiled.   “She looks better already.  Jessie needs rest and a good dinner but in a few days she should be as good as new.  And Santa… no more playing with marbles.” Posey winked at Santa as she fed the dog a second cookie.

Santa blushed and mumbled, “Thank-you.”  He lifted jessie off the table and headed towards the door.  “We’ll be more careful.  I promise.”

Outside Santa grunted as he carried the dog to the Claus house.  “Well, Jessie.  You do get yourself into trouble.  But this is my fault.  I shouldn’t have been playing ball while I was talking on the phone.  I’ll make a deal with you.  If you forgive me for not paying attention to you then I’ll forget the mess you made.  Deal?”

Jessie licked Santa across the nose in agreement.  Santa deposited Jessie in front of the fire to recuperate.  He slipped onto the couch and fell asleep dreaming of marbles everywhere.

Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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