Elf Christmas Countdown Checklist – Day 1 (Present wrapping)

The elves are busy today checking and rechecking the present wrapping stations.  Almost 95% of the gifts have already been wrapped and it is the elf special forces job to check that the presents are all properly labelled with city, country and the child’s name.presents

As Santa travels through each country Santa’s magic bag transports the appropriate gifts from his warehouses to the sleigh just in time for the gifts to be dropped into the right house  Without the labels the magic bag can’t tell where the gifts are meant to go to and  Santa would deliver the presents to the wrong child!

The elf special forces spend all day triple checking that the gifts have enough sticky tape on them to hold the labels through the long journey.  When they are sure the gifts will get to the correct child they officially sign a document and deliver it to Santa letting him know they are ready to move onto the next item in the checklist.