Mrs. Claus Christmas Countdown – Day 2 (Candy Sorting)

Mrs. Claus spends all day sorting through caramel corn, gumdrops, gumballs, licorice, candy canes and all sorts of other kinds of candy.  She compares her list of children with her sweets and sorts out a good assortment for each child.  Then, Molly and her elf helpers seal the candy in plastic bags labelled with the child’s name, city and address.  They are then sent to Santa’s distribution centers where they are added to the pile of presents for the child.  When Santa delivers his gifts on Christmas Eve he just has to open the bag and pour the candy into each child’s stocking.candy

Mrs. Claus is very careful what kind of candy she gives each child.  She knows what allergies the children have and knows what kind of candy each child prefers.  Molly takes great pride that her team delivers high quality treats that the children will love.

In January Molly uses the magic crystal snowball to see what kind of treats the children did not enjoy and modifies her recipes for the next year to try to please the children even more.   The snowball also tells her what kind of candy is popular in candy stores and Molly tries to come up with similar recipes to  please the children.

When the candy sorting day if finished Molly is very tired and treats herself to a cocoa beside the fire with Jessie and Santa.

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