The Feather Fight

Jessie sighed contentedly under the table.  Christmas had been a whirlwind in Santa’s house.  Jessie had traveled with Santa on the trip around the world. It had been extremely exciting for the dog but uneventful. feather

The pair had returned home exhausted and they slept for the next two days.  When they finally awoke Molly had rushed them through a series of parties to celebrate another successful year. Now Jessie, Santa and Molly were sitting by the fire relaxing. Jessie  was almost asleep when Molly put down her knitting needles and picked up a letter from her sister.  She opened the snowy paper and began to read mumbling to herself.  Molly smiled and then looked at Jessie. “My sister writes stories, Jessie.  She’s written another one.   Would you like to hear it?”

Jessie raised her head and looked at Molly.  She lightly barked in agreement and turned around in her bed to get comfortable.

Molly smiled.  Cleared her throat and began to tell a story her sister called the Feather Fight.


It was a humid day in the middle of summer and Toby walked through the park with several of his school friends.  He wished they could go into the air conditioned theater but the kids from his school didn’t have the money to waste on luxuries.  Instead, they mostly hung around the park playing soccer, having water fights and teasing girls.

He could see Misha and his cronies down by the mill pond.  They skateboarded toward Toby and his friends.  Misha was rich or, more precisely, his parents were rich.   Misha went to the private school in town and did all the things that Toby wished he could do.  Every time Toby saw that superior look on Misha’s face, he wanted to hit him in the face. So, when Misha skated by, Toby grabbed Misha’s arm and pulled him off his skateboard hoping Misha would fall on his head. Continue reading The Feather Fight