Jessie celebrates pancake day

Jessie sniffed the air  with approval.  The scent of sausage and maple syrup filled the kitchen.  She trotted over to Molly’s stove and shoved her nose into Molly’s thigh.pancake

“Ooph,” grunted Molly. She turned to look at the dog. “Good morning, Jessie.  I see your nose is reliable as ever.  Just let me finish flipping these last few pancakes and then I’ll get you a treat.”  Molly hummed as she ladled some batter into the frying pan.

Jessie sighed and flopped onto the floor.  From the very edge of her eye  she spied a plate of sausages on the table.  They were oh so tempting and close to the corner of the table.  Jessie slid over to the table and looked up. Her mouth watered and she whined trying to get Molly’s attention. Continue reading Jessie celebrates pancake day

Gardening Catalogues



Molly looked lovingly through a pile of of gardening catalogues.  She could just feel the sun warming her back as she hoed the dirt on her aunt’s farm.  Molly wished it was summer and she could be in that garden now.

Molly sighed.  It had been a hard February for everyone in the Claus household.  Santa had developed flu early on in the month and he hadn’t completely recovered.  Jessie had developed an allergy to the soap that Molly used on her blankets and Molly had been forced to purchase baby soap to wash her bedding.  The elves had taken an unexpected vacation and  toy manufacturing was behind schedule.   In general, Molly was feeling down and the catalogues made her feel better. Continue reading Gardening Catalogues