Gardening Catalogues



Molly looked lovingly through a pile of of gardening catalogues.  She could just feel the sun warming her back as she hoed the dirt on her aunt’s farm.  Molly wished it was summer and she could be in that garden now.

Molly sighed.  It had been a hard February for everyone in the Claus household.  Santa had developed flu early on in the month and he hadn’t completely recovered.  Jessie had developed an allergy to the soap that Molly used on her blankets and Molly had been forced to purchase baby soap to wash her bedding.  The elves had taken an unexpected vacation and  toy manufacturing was behind schedule.   In general, Molly was feeling down and the catalogues made her feel better.

Molly decided to take a trip down south to the gardening center.  Maybe a splash of color was just what the little house needed.

Molly called Jessie and then climbed up into the Claus’ plane.  She helped the dog in and then gently put a wool muffler around the dog’s ears to deaden the sound.  Soon they were traveling to the south and landed in a field near the center.  They climbed out of the plane and walked down to see the flowers.

As soon as Molly entered the building her face lit up.  There were seedlings popping up everywhere.  She saw marigolds peeking their leaves  out of the dirt and Shasta daisies with their second set of leaves.

Molly traveled happily down the rows with Jessie trailing behind.  Jessie wasn’t interested too much in the flowers, but she was interested in the kittens at the main counter.  She would have gone to join them but Molly kept calling her to follow and see each new plant Molly discovered.

Molly reached the end of the row and saw a spray of color.  The pansies and Johnny Jump Ups were in full bloom.  A bright smile spread across Molly’s face.  “This is just what we need to spruce up the house, Jessie.”  Mollie picked up a container and hummed as she took it to the main counter.  She greeted the cashier and produced the money to pay for the flowers while Jessie wagged her tail  and licked the kittens  on the head.

Molly laughed.  “No kittens for us, Jessie.  You remember what happened with Charlie, don’t you?”

Jessie whined and turned to join Molly.  They walked to their plane and flew home to the North Pole where Molly put her new plants in the living room.

It was hard to grow plants at the North Pole in the winter but Molly babied her sprouts.  She used a grow lampto give them just the right amount of light.  Then, she fertilized them weekly.  Soon she had a container spilling over with blue and purple blooms.

Molly smiled. Santa was still sick, the elves were missing and she had more laundry to do than before but somehow it was more bearable now.  For the plants gave her hope that spring would soon come bringing the warmth and longer days.  For the first time in a month Molly felt content and she was grateful.

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