Jessie celebrates pancake day

Jessie sniffed the air  with approval.  The scent of sausage and maple syrup filled the kitchen.  She trotted over to Molly’s stove and shoved her nose into Molly’s thigh.pancake

“Ooph,” grunted Molly. She turned to look at the dog. “Good morning, Jessie.  I see your nose is reliable as ever.  Just let me finish flipping these last few pancakes and then I’ll get you a treat.”  Molly hummed as she ladled some batter into the frying pan.

Jessie sighed and flopped onto the floor.  From the very edge of her eye  she spied a plate of sausages on the table.  They were oh so tempting and close to the corner of the table.  Jessie slid over to the table and looked up. Her mouth watered and she whined trying to get Molly’s attention.

“I said in a minute, girl.” Molly continued humming.  She dropped her pancake flipper on the floor and bent over to pick it up.  Molly hurried to the sink and began to wash it.

Jessie edged closer to the table.  Maybe, she thought, if she just took one sausage Molly wouldn’t notice.  Jessie jumped up and placed her front legs on the top of the table.  Santa was across the table with his face buried deep in the North Pole newspaper.  He didn’t notice the dog.

Jessie opened her mouth and gently grabbed the end of the top sausage. She pulled.  It came part way off the plate but was stuck on something.  She pulled again and the sausage came loose pulling the plate and the other links of meat down with her.  With a clatter the plate smashed on the floor.  The meat and glass were all mixed together.

Santa and Molly both jumped up and Jessie put her tail between her legs.  She lowered her ears and crawled over to the corner of the kitchen

“Jessie, I told you I’d give you a treat in a minute.  Now we can’t eat any of the sausages.  There might be glass on them.”  Molly shook her finger at the dog and Jessie began to shake.  She put her head under her legs and whined.

“Now, Molly” said Santa.  She is a dog after all and your breakfasts are awfully tempting.  She’s sorry.  Aren’t you girl.”

Jessie wagged the tip of her tail, and whined a little louder.  She pulled her foot forward so she could see Molly with one eye.

Molly sighed.  “It’s all right, Jessie.  I guess for treats today we’ll have to make do with pancakes.  You’re lucky you’re so cute that I can’t stay angry with you.  Come here, girl.  Here’s a plate with a pancake on it.  Now eat and stay away while I clean up this mess.”

Jessie hurried over to Molly’s side.  She licked Molly’s arm and circled around her feet waiting for Molly to put down the plate she was holding onto the floor.  Molly lowered the plate and Jessie swooped in.  In two big gulps the entire pancake was gone before the plate reached the floor. Jessie licked Molly again and them trotted back to Santa’s side where she lay down and yawned. She hadn’t had the sausages but pancakes were just as good when Molly made them.

“Jessie, what are we going to do with you?” said Molly as she put the plate down and then started to sweep up the meat and glass.

Jessie wagged her tail and lay on her side.  She was happy to have a home with good food and people who loved her even when she made mistakes.  The dog fell asleep with a bulging belly and a full heart.



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