More little known facts about elves

  • Elves get colds easily.  There isn’t a day throughout the year that Molly Claus doesn’t make chicken soup for someone who is sick.

    An Elf
  • Elves like cotton candy. They like it so much they have invented a machine that produces enough cotton candy to feed all of the elves at the North Pole in 1 hour.
  • The elves love Jessie.  They fight over who gets to help Molly give her a bath.
  • The elves never call Santa by his first name.  They either call him Santa or sir.  There is a superstitious that if they call him by his first name then the sleigh will break down on Christmas Eve.
  • Elves work hard but like to have fun too.  They are always pulling pranks on Santa.  For example, Santa’s chief engineer is always hiding Santa’s glasses on him.
  • It is common for elves to have different colored eyes.  Sometimes this gives their faces a rather peculiar look.
  • Elves hate candy canes.  They produce them because the children love them but in general they are not fond of mint.
  • Elves love to ice fish but they often throw back their catch.  Molly’s cooking staff prepares such delicious dinners that the elves have no reason to eat the fish they catch.

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