Jessie's Christmas in July

Jessie’s Christmas in July

It’s near the end of July and Jessie is getting excited.  Santa and Molly throw a great big Christmas party for the elves in July.  Jessie’s top 10 fun things to do at the Christmas party are here:

  1.  Jumping in the wading pool with Santa. Jessie's Christmas in July
  2. Licking a Popsicle under the picnic table.
  3. Watching the sack races.  Jessie likes to root for Santa and Molly.  They haven’t won a race yet but the air is filled with Santa’s ho ho ho’s all through the game.
  4. A great big bonfire with friends and  s’mores.  Jessie isn’t allowed the chocolate but she likes the gram crackers and marshmallows.
  5.  Listening to Santa reading a story about the stars by the bonfire.  Jessie likes to watch the elf children sleepily trying to keep their eyes open.
  6. Hot dogs and hamburgers at the community barbecue.
  7. Presents from Santa and Molly.  Jessie gets a new bed, a chew toy and some clothing from Molly.
  8. Watching the elf parade under the stars.  The floats are light up with bright Christmas lights and full of wacky colours.
  9. Watching the present wrapping, cookie baking, gingerbread making and sled contests.
  10. Falling asleep in her sleeping bag under the stars full of great memories for the day.

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