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Jan 15th – Jessie and the ice cave

Jessie sniffed the ground and tried to pull Santa into the ice cave. From the moment Santa had told her she was going on the carnival ride  she had been excited. Jessie loved rides and she was so excited that she she tried to push herself to the front of the line.

“Patience,  Jessie,” said Santa. “We have to wait our turn.”

Jessie looked at the people ahead of her. There was a small group of teenagers climbing into a light blue car.It was on a track that led deep into the man-made ice cave. She whined but tried to wait patiently. When it was finally their turn, Jessie bolted forward pulling Santa into the front car. Jessie stood with her feet on the handle bars, her ears alert and her tail whipping Santa on the back of the head.

Shortly after they climbed in the car began to move. It sped up so fast that Jessie’s ears and tongue  whipped from side to side.

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Dec. 20th – Jessie is Queen of the Carnival Parade

Jessie trotted down the avenue with Santa and Molly behind. She stopped to watch an elderly elf organizing several hundred floats  into an organized line. Jessie could see all kinds of floats. There were floats ranging from the homemade kind with children overflowing off the sides, to industrial floats with placards advertising companies like ‘Poppies Peanuts’ or ‘Millionaire Pie’.

Santa stopped at a silver and blue float adorned with several small chairs .  they were vsurrounding a huge chair made with red plush fabric. Sitting in the seats surrounded by a huge and young Elf male and females. They were dressed in royal blue fabrics to match the float. The young elves waved at Jessie as she approached. Continue reading Dec. 20th – Jessie is Queen of the Carnival Parade

Dec. 19th – Jessie and Santa attend a talent show

Santa, Molly, and Jessie sat in the front row in front of the stage. On the stage were local amateur performers competing to win the title King/Queen of the carnival. The king or queen would be crowned, and then on the next day, travel on an especially designed float for the carnival’s parade.

Jessie watched as an elf took the stage. He was dressed in a miniature tuxedo, and held a monocle in his eye. He cleared his throat. “Everyone come to attention please. It’s time to begin the talent show. ” Continue reading Dec. 19th – Jessie and Santa attend a talent show