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July 17th – Santa meets with the Guild of Magical Creatures

Mountain surrounded by Clouds
Picture by Abir Khan 47 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

The sleigh skidded to a stop against the edge of a mountain.  The mountain was surrounded with clouds and hidden from view.   Jessie looked out from the sleigh.  She could feel the dampness of the clouds against her fur and shivered.  She nestled back under her blanket until Santa called her.

“Hurry, girl. The entrance to the guild hall is just up the slope.  Let’s get inside before the dampness gets through our clothes.” Continue reading July 17th – Santa meets with the Guild of Magical Creatures

Jessie and the ants

HeartCakeJessie stretched and flopped down on the floor beside the patio table.  She had just returned from a jaunt with Santa and Molly around Molly’s mother’s garden.  Molly’s mother owned her own seed and bulb company.  She liked to test the newest and most beautiful flowers in her back yard and Jessie had enjoyed sniffing the fragrant hyacinths, while Molly picked parrot tulips and removed the odd dandelion from the garden beds.

Molly and Santa had come to visit Molly’s mother and father on their 60th wedding anniversary.  Her parents hadn’t wanted a large party, but Molly had wanted to do something special and had planned a grand dinner for her family.  She had risen early that morning and baked a feast.  They had all enjoyed the food at lunch but before dessert could be served Molly suggested that everyone go for a walk in the garden. Continue reading Jessie and the ants

Jessies Favorite Top ten list

Trudy Talow asked Santa to tell her some of Jessie’s favorite things.  This is the top ten items from the list he gave her.

Jessie with her favorite blanket.


  1. Sugar Cookies – With or without sprinkles.  She is particularly fond of them with eggnog.
  2. Riding in the sleigh with Santa.   She likes to have her eats blow in the wind as the reindeer travel faster and faster.
  3. Running with the dog sled team.  Jessie has been practicing with the sled team and has become an official back up for the team in case of emergency.
  4. Her blanket.  She’s been known to drag her blanket away and hide it when other dogs visit.
  5. Walks down main street with Molly and Santa.  Jessie likes to visit with her friends and adores getting petted by people as they pass by.  She stops every walk to visit with Cuddles the poodle down the street and play squeaky ball.
  6. Molly’s singing voice.  Molly likes to sing Christmas carols in the house.  Jessie likes to listen to her sing and will come from anywhere in the house to hear her.
  7. Having her coat brushed.
  8. Visiting the animal hospital with Santa.  Jessie likes to cheer up sick patients.
  9. The pillows on Molly’s couch.  Molly is constantly shooing her off of them.
  10. Chasing cats.  The last cat she encountered she chased up the main Christmas tree in the village.

A Note to our readers

Jessie,Molly and Santa’s activities have been missing for about a month.  It’s not that they haven’t been busy.  In fact,  Jessie got to meet the real Easter bunny, Molly set fire to the kitchen and Santa got a personal trainer .

The narrator  has been unable to translate these tales for personal reasons.   I am hoping I can now continue with Jessie’s adventures.

Thanks for understanding and I hope you will read and enjoy Jessie ‘s upcoming exploits.