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Jessie celebrates Wiggle Your Toes Day

August the 6th is national Wiggle Your Toes Day and Santa is having a party on the warmpawprints summer sands of lake Huron.  He’s put together a celebration where the elves must design pictures in the sand by using only their toes.  Santa has brought Jessie along to wander the beach and have fun playing in the surf.

Jessie wandered the shoreline for most of the morning dashing after seagulls and rolling in the sand.  About noon her stomach began to get rumbly and she returned to Santa’s tent on the beach to get a snack and see the pictures the elfves were making.

Jessie skipped along the dunes spraying sand to her sides.  As she rounded the corner to Santa’s tent she unintentionally sprayed sand on Poppy the elf’s display.  Poppy wrinkled her nose and called to the dog.  “Jessie, look what you’ve done.  I’ll have to start again.”

Jessie’s ears flopped down and she began a slow walk over to Poppy.  She looked at the ground and stopped just below Poppy’s feet.

Poppy looked down at the dog and her heart melted.  “It’s okay, Jessie.  Maybe you can help me with my design.”  Poppy looked at the trail the dog had left behind her.  “Your paws make interesting designs in the sand.  Let’s work together.”

Jessie barked and sat up straight waiting for Poppy to tell her where to move.  Poppy laughed and told Jessie to walk to the right and to stop by the old piece of drift wood.

Jessie did as she was asked and sat quietly until Poppy told her to move in a different direction.  Soon, Poppy and Jessie had laid out a design of a Christmas tree in the sand.  Jessie’s paw prints were the ornaments hanging from the tree and Poppy’s toe prints were the branches.

Satisfied Poppy patted the dog and sat down on a beach blanket to wait for the judging of the pictures. She fed Jessie a biscuit just as Santa and Molly came by to judge the sand creation.

“Why, Poppy.  This is very well done and I see you’ve had some help!” said Molly with a smile.

Jessie barked and wagged her tail.

“You’re the last to be judged and in this case I guess we’ve saved the best for last.  You’ve won the blue ribbon.  Here’s one for you Poppy and Jessie I’ll pin yours on your collar.”

Molly waited for the dog to come close and then bent down.  She gently attached the blue ribbon to Jessie’s collar and then stroked the fur.  “It’s nice to see you stayed out of trouble today.”

Poppy grinned at Jessie and Jessie hid her head in the sand.

“Oh, so you did get in trouble.  Well it all worked out in the end.  Happy National Wiggle Your Toes Day, Jessie.  Now let’s go get lunch.”

Elves top ten winter sports

  1. Throwing snowballs through loops hung from the rafters of the manufacturing facility.  The elf who gets the snowball closest to the center gets free cocoa for the weeksnowshoe
  2. Skating across the lake to the sounds of Christmas carols.
  3. Cross country skiing pulling sleds with toys.  The elf who can carry the most toys across the finish line gets to wear the high elf hat.
  4. Igloo building.  The elves try to make new and unique shapes while maintaining the strength of the buildings.
  5. Snow ball fights between departments.  Snowballs are dyed green and blue.  The team with the most direct hits on a pole gets a pizza evening.
  6. Ski-dooing.  The elves like to travel for miles with the wind blowing in their ears.  They build fires when they stop and roast marshmallows.
  7. Dog sled races.  Fastest, cutest and furthest running teams receive special treats
  8. Donut tossing.  The elves throw donuts onto a twig to see who can get the most through the donut hole.
  9. Snow shoeing around  Claus park.
  10. Winter photography of natural formations.

Elves are on holiday

The elves are on holiday for the month of January.  With hefty bonuses in their wallets for a job well done last year the elves are out in the world exploring.  Here are the top 10 activities planned for this year.balloons

  • A birthday bash for Jessie.  The elves have planned sled races, gourmet dog food, a doggie fashion show and a special present for Jessie herself.  Stay tuned this month for her birthday party.
  • A trip to see the pyramids of Egypt.  The elves are fascinated by the intricate carving and metal work the ancient Egyptians were able to create with minimal tools.  The rumor is that Timmy plans to climb to the top of the Great Pyramid.
  • Skinny dipping in Hudson’s Bay.  It’s all for a good cause.  The animal shelter is raising funds from the event.
  • Disney Land – The only place in the world where some moving objects are smaller then themselves.
  • The Sahara Desert.  The elves want to go somewhere warm for a week.  It gets tiresome being in sub zero conditions for most of the year.
  • On a train ride across Canada. Wining and dining in the food carts the elves plan to have one big party and see the country from the warmth of the train.
  • The Supreme Toy Show.  The elves go each year to try to get ideas for next years toys in Santa’s sack.
  • The greatest Rock show on earth.  Live music and dancing.  Something all elves enjoy.
  • The airport.  To ride around in the baggage carousels.  Elves find it enjoyable to ride around and around until their dizzy.  Then they try to pin the tail on the polar bear.

Elf Christmas Countdown Checklist – Day 1 (Present wrapping)

The elves are busy today checking and rechecking the present wrapping stations.  Almost 95% of the gifts have already been wrapped and it is the elf special forces job to check that the presents are all properly labelled with city, country and the child’s name.presents

As Santa travels through each country Santa’s magic bag transports the appropriate gifts from his warehouses to the sleigh just in time for the gifts to be dropped into the right house  Without the labels the magic bag can’t tell where the gifts are meant to go to and  Santa would deliver the presents to the wrong child!

The elf special forces spend all day triple checking that the gifts have enough sticky tape on them to hold the labels through the long journey.  When they are sure the gifts will get to the correct child they officially sign a document and deliver it to Santa letting him know they are ready to move onto the next item in the checklist.