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Little know facts about Elves

An elf worker
  • The elves have a tendency to jump up and dance in the middle of conversing with you.
  • The elves are particularly fond of show tunes and will sing for hours.
  • Every Saturday morning the elves make peanut butter chocolate ice cream for breakfast. Sometimes they get the mixture all over Molly’s kitchen and it takes her a day to clean up the mess.
  • Elves like to play hockey and are very competitive. Many elves play on several competitive leagues in their spare time.
  • Elves do not like broccoli or cauliflower. They say the vegetables are stinky and hold their noses when they see the vegetables.
  • The elves study the stars. They have years of star movements written down their own historical language before they switched over to writing in English.
  • Elves are able to do small smidges of magic. That’s why the Christmas gifts Santa gives to children are so loved.
  • Each year every elf in the town makes a special ornament for the community Christmas tree. Because the elves love color so much the tree is often bright enough to be seen from all around town.
  • Elves study all kinds of English literature but are particularly fond of adventure and children’s books.
  • The elves sometimes visit children in the hospital in their sleep. They use their magic to try to cure them of their illnesses.
  • Elf children are given 20 silver coins on their birth. The number 20 is supposed to be lucky and the coins are supposed to represent a good life ahead.
  • Baby elves sometimes look like fairies. They are often born with multicolored hair and glowing noses just like the fairies of the forest.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!

Sept. 7th – More little known facts about Elves.

  1. Elves have a tradition of kissing under the Christmas Angel at the top of the tree.
  2. Elves make an old fashioned drink called mead.  They drink it in great quantities at celebrations.   This usually causes them to break out in song.elf
  3. Elves are taught to play music when they are children. It is no wonder that through their lives they continue to sing at any moment possible.  They especially like Christmas Carols.
  4. Elves celebrate Rhyming Day on October 1st.  Every sentence they say on that day must rhyme.  The day irritates Santa as he never can get a straight answer from the elves during their rhyming time.  Fortunately, it only lasts one day.
  5. Elves are adept at husky racing.  As children they are taught to be mushers.  They are very good at telling their surroundings and seldom get lost.
  6. Most elves in the village are related.  There are only a couple of “adoptees” who moved in from the southern elf villages to the North Pole.
  7. Elves have a huge Christmas decoration contest each year.  They dress the town in lights, music and other decorations.  The winner of the contest gets an extra week of vacation in January.
  8. Elves easily catch colds.  It is not unusual to have the hospital full of sneezing residents.  They often go to Molly who treats them with chicken soup and honey.
  9. Elves are afraid of outsiders.  They tend to hide when people they don’t know come into town.
  10. Elves sort over a billion letters to Santa each year.  Each letter is replied and delivered to the child who sent it.
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Sept. 7th – Little known facts about elves

  1. Elves eat honey and raisin toast for breakfast.  They extract their own honey from hives they have tended down South.elf
  2. Elves are related to the Faeries.  They have minor magical powers that allow them to make toys in little time.
  3. Elves love to dress in bright colors.  They wear pointy shoes and toques to keep their head warm.
  4. Elves families are very close and the grandmother is considered the most knowledgeable person in the group.
  5. It is not unknown for elves to live upward of two hundred years or so. The oldest known elf was known to be 525 years old.
  6. Elves go crazy for cola.  They have been known to get in fights for a can. They love the drink so much Santa limits the amount that is imported into the North Pole.
  7. Elves have a month off in January for vacation.  They tend to spend it in southern climes on the beach.
  8. Elves like to snowboard.  Santa provides a trip to the mountains once a year so that they can participate in the sport.
  9. Elves usually have 3 middle names.  The names include a form of their father’s name, their mother’s name and their grandmother’s name.
  10. Elves like coffee but it causes them to become anxious.  One elf after drinking a cup was known to jump and hit his head on the ceiling.
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August 15th – More little known facts about Christmas at the North Pole

  1. The elves are given a one month vacation on a private  island after Christmas.  They sun bathe, swim and play in the sand.

    Christmas at the North Pole
  2. Santa stays at the North Pole in January and works with architects, carpenters, painters, artist and toy makers to plan the lines for next years toys.
  3. Molly Claus is in charge of planning the candy and sweets for next year.  She works many hours in her kitchen dreaming up unique recipes for next years stockings.
  4. The reindeer sleep for several days after Christmas Eve. Dasher snores loud enough that you can hear him at the Claus house.
  5. Each Santa throughout history has either had a painting or a photograph taken just before take off on Christmas Eve.  this year Molly plans to use her new digital camera to take a picture of Santa and Jessie beside the reindeer.
  6. Santa takes one last look at his list minutes before take off.  He doesn’t want to miss any children on his trip around the world.
  7. Santa and Jessie stop on each of the continents for a rest on Christmas Eve.  For example, in Australia Santa goes for a swim while Jessie nestles in the warm sand and in Africa the pair watch elephants and giraffes wander.
  8. Molly has planned a new line of dog toys that she plans to send with Santa on his trip.  Her favorite toy is a squeaky frog that ribbits when its tummy is chewed.
  9. Santa monitors the toys that break in the first month after Christmas.  If he finds any line that is defective he arranges for a fixed version of the toy to appear in each child’s home.
  10. Santa’s boots are worn through by the time he returns home on Christmas Eve.  He has to employ the shoemaker to make him another pair for the next year.
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