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Jessie’s Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

Jessie sniffed the corn stubble.  There were so many wonderful scents on the pumpkin farm that she hadn’t been watching Santa.  So, when she turned to greet her friend she was startled.  Santa’s face was no longer rosy and plump.  Instead, it was smeared with black and white makeup.  His face looked like a skull and Jessie didn’t like that. Jessie's Trip to the pumpkin farm

Jessie whimpered and put her legs between her legs.  She edged her way away from the corn maze and moved behind a sculpture of two horses with a cart that was made of twigs.  Jessie flopped down on the ground and placed her head on the nearest pumpkin.  She looked mournfully into Santa’s face and sighed.

Santa laughed.  “What’s wrong, Jessie? Don’t like my new look?”  He reached up and rubbed his chin.  When he reached into his pocket dirty black makeup smudged his jeans.  Santa tried to wipe the smudge  clean but couldn’t.  He pulled out his tee shirt to cover the offensive mark and looked down at the dog.

“It’s okay, Jessie.  It’s all in good fun.  The haunted pumpkin farm is a fundraiser for homeless families.  I’ll take off the mask soon.  I promise!  Anyone, for caramel corn?”

Jessie’s ears perked up and she raised her head off the pumpkin.   She timidly wagged her tail and then hurried to catch up with Santa as he walked to the food table down by a stage.  Jessie approached the table but stopped and tilted her head as she noticed the man on stage.   He was dressed as a zombie and his hair was flopping up and down. It fell off his head.

Jessie sat mesmerized for several minutes until Santa held out a handful of corn for the dog.  Jessie licked Santa’s hand and woofed down the sweet treat.  She turned to look at the stage again but the zombie was gone and two young girls were holding up pumpkins they had carved.

At that moment, from somewhere behind a pile of pumpkins a loud “Kaboom” filled the air.  The sound lasted for over a minute.  It was so high pitched that it hurt Jessie’s sensitive ears.  She dropped to the ground and put her paws against her ears.  She began to cry loudly.  As suddenly as it started the sound stopped but not soon enough for Jessie.  Her ears rang and she no longer liked the pumpkin patch.  She wanted to go home.

Santa reached down and massaged the dog’s ears.  “Some prankster set off a bunch of firecrackers behind the hay bales on the other side of the barn.  They’ve been stopped.  They could have set us all on fire!  I’m sorry about your ears, Jessie.  Let’s go find the sleigh and head back to Ms Claus.”

Santa picked up the dog and began to wind his way through the crowd of oddly dressed people.  As Jessie watched her surroundings from the warmth of Santa’s arms, she wished the party didn’t have to be so scary. Jessie liked parties.  After all, parties had food, and warm hugs, and food, and music, and most of all food.  But, somehow a party where everyone tried to scare everyone else seemed strange to her. At least the scary parties would be over soon and the fun parties of Christmas and New Year’s Eve would be along soon. Jessie wagged her tail.  Soon, she’d have shortbread, dances with Molly, gift giving with Santa and Christmas Eve Day roast beef.  She’d be home soon and she couldn’t wait for the holidays.


Jessie’s Favorite Fall & Christmas Activities

  • Zooming through the crunchy piles of leaves and scattering the piles.

    Jessie with  the first snow of the season.
  • Thanksgiving.  Jessie loves turkey and pumpkin pie!
  • Hay rides with Santa.  Santa tells the children elves stories as they wind their way through the fields.
  • The first crunchy snow of fall.  Jessie likes to hear her footprints in the snow and throws the snow up in the air so that she can catch it.
  • Shopping with Mrs. Claus for a Christmas present for Santa.  There is always gossiping, fun and treats on their trip to the store and Jessie gets to see her friends.
  • Christmas Caroling with her friends. Jessie loves to howl in unison with her friends.
  • Chasing the children around the hockey rink.  Jessie can never catch the ball but she has fun playing anyway.
  • Helping Santa put up the colored lights on the Christmas tree.  Last year it took Santa 3 hours to untangle the lights from last year and he ended up getting new lights from his manufacturing facility.
  • Basking in front of a warm fire on a cold, blustery day.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!

The Leaf Carpet

Carpet of Leaves


The orange and red leaves flew around Jessie’s head as she pranced back and forth between the piles of sugar maple leaves.  Santa, Molly and Jessie were spending time with Molly’s sister who had a huge backyard with plenty of trees. Earlier in the day Santa had spent the morning raking the leaves into huge piles. After lunch Santa let Jessie out in the backyard to explore  and then went to the front yard to rake more leaves.

At first Jessie had ignored the piles of color.  But when she had explored all of the corners of the lot she turned her attention to the first leaf pile she saw.  She stepped onto  the edge of the pile and heard a crinkly noise coming from beneath her feet.  Then, when she went closer, the leaves gave way under her feet cushioning her body.  Jessie wagged her tail and hurried into the pile.  The leaves flew out behind her with a satisfying whoosh.  Jessie picked another pile and then another.  Pretty soon a carpet of color was strewn across the lawn before her.  She was still zooming around the backyard when Santa came around the corner of the house. Continue reading The Leaf Carpet