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The Leaf Carpet

Carpet of Leaves


The orange and red leaves flew around Jessie’s head as she pranced back and forth between the piles of sugar maple leaves.  Santa, Molly and Jessie were spending time with Molly’s sister who had a huge backyard with plenty of trees. Earlier in the day Santa had spent the morning raking the leaves into huge piles. After lunch Santa let Jessie out in the backyard to explore  and then went to the front yard to rake more leaves.

At first Jessie had ignored the piles of color.  But when she had explored all of the corners of the lot she turned her attention to the first leaf pile she saw.  She stepped onto  the edge of the pile and heard a crinkly noise coming from beneath her feet.  Then, when she went closer, the leaves gave way under her feet cushioning her body.  Jessie wagged her tail and hurried into the pile.  The leaves flew out behind her with a satisfying whoosh.  Jessie picked another pile and then another.  Pretty soon a carpet of color was strewn across the lawn before her.  She was still zooming around the backyard when Santa came around the corner of the house. Continue reading The Leaf Carpet

Santa’s favorite fall treats

  1. Watermelon.  Santa loves to have watermelon pit fights with the elves.  His hardy Ho Ho Ho can be heard throughout the North Pole when he enjoys the game

    Watermelon fights
  2. Iced Coffee.  Mrs. Claus doesn’t let Santa drink to much coffee but when he does drink it he enjoys the aroma and texture of this treat.
  3. Rocky Road Ice Cream – Great for those endless days at the North Pole.
  4. Chocolate Milk. Santa switches from Cocoa to Chocolate milk in the fall.
  5. Wild Blueberry Pie.  Santa and Jessie go picking blueberries in Northern Ontario so that Molly can make her special pie.  The pie is so good that Santa has been known to sneak pieces of the pastry to bed with him.
  6. Raspberry frozen yoghurt.  Santa likes to eat it at concerts and folk festivals.
  7. Salt Water Taffy.  Santa always buys a big bag at carnivals and fairs.  He attends a lot during the fall.
  8. Barbecue. There is something about the smell of the barbecue that makes Santa’s  mouth water.  Jessie loves it too and whines until Santa shares.
  9. Peach crumble. Made from Molly’s special Peach tree.
  10. Salsa on chips and veggies.  For a change Santa likes zesty foods.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!