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Jessie and the Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch

Jessie moved down the row of leaves and sniffed the pumpkins growing on either side of her.  Molly had brought her to the pumpkin farm to pick pumpkins for the annual Halloween festival at the North Pole.  The plan was to pick a hundred pumpkins and have them shipped home.  While Molly was busy picking up some gourds and Indian corn  Jessie began to wander around the farm.  First she visited the chickens and licked their heads but the hens didn’t like the attention and pecked at her feet with their beaks.  Next, Jessie visited the cows.  They tolerated the dog for awhile but soon became irritated and flopped her with their tails.  She then started to follow a group of teenagers down the row she was now sniffing. Continue reading Jessie and the Pumpkin Patch

August 29 – a visit to Santa’s farm

Santa keeps a farm in Southwestern Ontario where he grows all his crops for the year. Below is a list of items he produces and who uses them.

  1. Sugar Cane – Grown under the bright lights of a factory building.  Santa uses the sugar for his cake and confections on Christmas Eve.

    Hay on Santa’s Farm
  2. Hay – Used to feed the horses that jingle and jangle around the North Pole city center.
  3. Sugar Beets. – Another source of sugar for Candy.   The elves also go CRAZY for them.
  4. Watermelon – Grown for the Labour Day picnic in September.  Used in various games during the party and to eat of course.
  5. Pumpkins – As Halloween nears the Elves dress as ghouls and ghosts and pumpkins are piled high in the streets.  There is a giant Jack O’Lantern wall on main street on Halloween night to scare away the bad spirits.
  6. Cosmos flowers – Used as currency with the Fairies.
  7. Wheat – For flour for Molly’s cakes and confections.
  8. Peppermint – Molly uses it in candy, cakes, gum, bubbles and potpourri for the Christmas gifts.  She also chews leaves of it as she walks.
  9. Grapes – To make the wine to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  Santa grows both green and red grapes.
  10. Blueberries – For Christmas morning pancake breakfast of course.

    Countdown to Christmas Eve!

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