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Jessie’s Favorite Flowers Word Search

Jessie loves smelling all the flowers in Molly Claus’ garden.  One lazy afternoon she counted the flowers that Molly lovingly tends and came up with the following list.  Can you find all of Jessie’s favorites?

















Jessie’s Favorite Flowers Word Search (PDF)

Molly’s Christmas Cactus

Molly loves to garden but in the winter of the year there are very few plants that she can keep living in the North Pole.

Molly’s Christmas Cactus

Santa built her a specialized stand that has a grow light in it to help her blossoms grow.  So Molly has tried growing everything from pineapples to tulips under the lights.  She has not had much luck with many plants but can always grow her favorite the Christmas Cactus.  Continue reading Molly’s Christmas Cactus

August 8th – Santa’s Top Ten Summer Activities

  1. Running in the surf along the great lakes and dipping his toes into the chilly water.

    Santa loves to go to the beach.
  2. Volley ball with the elves.  Santa started a competitive league between the magical creatures on the earth.  The elves have won 4 out of the last 5 years!
  3. Visiting Drumheller and looking for Dinosaur bones.  Santa took a minor in Anthropology when he went to school.
  4. Weekend barbecues with Molly and Jessie.  Santa loves to cook on the grill.
  5. Tuesday Travels.  Santa, Molly and Jessie often fly the deer to new locations just to look around.  Last week they went and enjoyed the sunshine and breezes of Crete.
  6. Sewing.  Although Molly does most of the sewing in the family Santa likes to dabble in the activity.  He doesn’t have time during the busy Christmas season but during the summer he likes to make ornaments, stockings and fancy Hawaiian shirts.
  7. Water fights with the elves.  He always gets soaked but he loves to laugh with his friends.
  8. Hiking with Jessie in nature.  Jessie and Santa walk every morning.  They particularly like walking in the woods.
  9. Going to flea markets.  Santa likes finding hidden gems at the stalls.
  10. Gardening.  Santa loves the spring planting of vegetables and flowers with Molly.  Unfortunately, he isn’t very good at making plants thrive and Molly bans him from the garden once the plants start to grow.
Christmas Eve Countdown!