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The Halloween Parade

Jessie’s Hat

Molly screwed her eyes tightly and looked at Jessie.  She was holding a cape and a black hat that perfectly matched the dog’s coat. She measured the length of Jessie’s torso and held the cape over the dog’s body.  The fabric gently grazed Jessie and the dog woke abruptly.  Jessie yawned, stretched and looked up at Molly.  Her tail pounded the floor as she sat up on her haunches.

“I’ve just finished your costume for the Halloween parade tonight, Jessie.  I made you a witch costume.  I think the color will be adorable with your coat.” Continue reading The Halloween Parade


The North Pole’s Favorite Halloween Costume Word Search

Halloween witch

Halloween is a happy time at the North Pole.  For a period of time leading up until the Halloween party on the 31st, the elves dress up in different costumes each day. Last year, Mrs Claus took a survey and came up with the list of top costumes around the pole.  The list has been worked into a word search for you to enjoy.


Downloadable Word Search

Countdown to Christmas Eve!


Jessie and the Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch

Jessie moved down the row of leaves and sniffed the pumpkins growing on either side of her.  Molly had brought her to the pumpkin farm to pick pumpkins for the annual Halloween festival at the North Pole.  The plan was to pick a hundred pumpkins and have them shipped home.  While Molly was busy picking up some gourds and Indian corn  Jessie began to wander around the farm.  First she visited the chickens and licked their heads but the hens didn’t like the attention and pecked at her feet with their beaks.  Next, Jessie visited the cows.  They tolerated the dog for awhile but soon became irritated and flopped her with their tails.  She then started to follow a group of teenagers down the row she was now sniffing. Continue reading Jessie and the Pumpkin Patch