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Feb. 6th – Jessie learns Christmas is in jeopardy

The room was filled with boxes piled to the rafters. Jessie sniffed around the base of the nearest pile. The boxes smelled heavenly. Her delicate nose could detect the aroma of peppermint candy canes.

Jessie had followed Santa to his distribution centre this morning to watch the Elves send off the latest shipment to Australia. From what Jessie had learned, Santa started shipping items at the beginning of the  year to distribution points around the world. Today was the first big send off and the elves were excited to see a large shipment going to the southern poles.

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January 31st – Jessie gets into a battle.

Jessie eyed the orb. It was sitting innocently on the ground between her and Charlie just out of Jessie’s reach. Jessie pretended to be sleeping with her head facing the ball. Once Charlie settled into his little cat bed, she would try to rescue her ball.

In the past few days Charlie had proven to be a nasty little animal. At least Jessie thought he was. Every time Jessie had walked past Charlie it had hissed and reached out to slash at her with his claws. Yesterday the cat’s nails had sunk into Jessie’s nose and caused it to bleed. Continue reading January 31st – Jessie gets into a battle.

January 30th – Jessie finds a bone

Jessie’s mouth watered. She was looking at the biggest bone she had ever seen. It didn’t smell like a bone, but Jessie definitely knew what a bone looked like, and this one was going to be hers.

The bone was buried in the ground, and Jessie wondered why someone would have buried such a beautiful bone. It didn’t matter to her why it was there. The only thing that mattered was uncovering the bone and taking it to the Claus house.

Jessie dug with her claws around the bone until it was fully exposed, and then bit into it. She whined in pain. The bone was very, very hard.

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