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Jessie’s Belated Birthday Party

Jessie didn’t get to celebrate her birthday on December 26th because she was sleeping after the long trip around the world.  The elves love Jessie and they decided to hold a belated birthday party for the dog.  So, Chloe, Jessie’s friend headed up a committee to make the dog’s birthday dreams come true.balloons

Jessie woke in the morning to the smell of sausage and eggs.  Molly had set a plate at the table and smiled when the dog trotted into the kitchen.  “Happy belated birthday, Jessie.  Today is your special day.  The elves have a day of fun scheduled for you.  So, eat up and get your coat on.  Then we’ll go to Claus park.”

Jessie hopped up to the table and in record time cleared the plate of food.  She jumped down, wagged her tail and walked over to Molly to have her coat put on.  “Look, Jessie.  To celebrate your birthday, I sewed you a new coat.  Don’t worry it’s black like your   last coat.  It just doesn’t have all the rips and tears that you put in it.”

Molly put the new coat on Jessie and clipped the dog’s harness on her lead.  She then led the dog out the door and headed towards Claus park for the celebration.  It was a beautiful day.  The snow was starting to small in small wisps.  Just ahead the sun shone brightly.  Jessie stopped every few feet to sniff all the wonderful smells of the day.  Molly sighed but patiently waited for the dog.  Soon, they made it to Claus park and came upon Santa and Chloe talking.

“Well, happy birthday, girl.  You don’t look a day older.”  Santa smiled and stroked the dog’s back.  “Chloe has prepared a day of fun for you.  I hope you enjoy every bit of it.”

Chloe came forward and took the lead from Molly.  She led Jessie to the center of the park chattering away at the dog.  “I hope you like sled races, Jessie.  Angel is leading our local team.  Let’s go watch.”

Jessie happily followed Chloe out to the racing field and sat in the stands.  She barked as Angel and her team came into view. The teams got ready at the starting line and soon were zooming around the course in Claus Park.  Jessie happily wagged her tail and jumped up and down as the dogs ran past her in circles.  When the final lap came, Angel lead her team to a win.

“Look’s like the home town won, Jessie.  High five!” Chloe thumped her hand against Jessie’s paw and then led her off the stands.  “It’s agility tests, Jessie.  Do you want to try?”

Jessie yipped and waited as Chloe entered her into the contest.  Jessie shuffled back and forth waiting her turn and then when her turn came she zoomed off before the starter could start his watch.  Jessie flew through the tubes and around the pylons but got hopelessly caught in the rope maze.  It took her a long time to make her way out before catching several Frisbees that Chloe threw at her.  Jessie did not win the contest.  In fact, she did not even come in second or third but Jessie loved playing with her friends.

The rest of the day was filled with other fun things like a doggie fashion show, a polar dip and ball games.  At the end of the day Chloe led Jessie back to Molly and Santa at a table by the Claus house.  Sitting on the table was one of the largest wrapped boxes Jessie had ever seen.  “It’s your birthday present, Jessie.  We hope you like it.”  Molly lifted the lid and waited for the dog to explore the box.

Jessie hopped up to the table and poked her nose in the box sniffing.  The box was a dog’s delight.  There was a new doggie bed, a big stuffed replica of her friend Bilbo the Orangatang, chewies, a blanket and new heated booties.

Jessie pounded her tail in appreciation and turned around in a circle.  Her tongue hung down below her mouth.  It had been a good birthday.  She’d enjoyed all of the activities in her honor but the best part of all was spending time with her family and friends.  Nothing could be better than that.

Elves are on holiday

The elves are on holiday for the month of January.  With hefty bonuses in their wallets for a job well done last year the elves are out in the world exploring.  Here are the top 10 activities planned for this year.balloons

  • A birthday bash for Jessie.  The elves have planned sled races, gourmet dog food, a doggie fashion show and a special present for Jessie herself.  Stay tuned this month for her birthday party.
  • A trip to see the pyramids of Egypt.  The elves are fascinated by the intricate carving and metal work the ancient Egyptians were able to create with minimal tools.  The rumor is that Timmy plans to climb to the top of the Great Pyramid.
  • Skinny dipping in Hudson’s Bay.  It’s all for a good cause.  The animal shelter is raising funds from the event.
  • Disney Land – The only place in the world where some moving objects are smaller then themselves.
  • The Sahara Desert.  The elves want to go somewhere warm for a week.  It gets tiresome being in sub zero conditions for most of the year.
  • On a train ride across Canada. Wining and dining in the food carts the elves plan to have one big party and see the country from the warmth of the train.
  • The Supreme Toy Show.  The elves go each year to try to get ideas for next years toys in Santa’s sack.
  • The greatest Rock show on earth.  Live music and dancing.  Something all elves enjoy.
  • The airport.  To ride around in the baggage carousels.  Elves find it enjoyable to ride around and around until their dizzy.  Then they try to pin the tail on the polar bear.

Dec. 26th – Jessie’s Happy Birthday

Running through the streamers and balloons of Claus Park were dogs of all sizes  and Jessie was  exhausted. Molly had invited all of the dogs from the North Pole to come to a birthday party for Jessie. Almost all of the dogs in the town to come to celebrate. Molly was busy all day preparing  food and welcoming guests. She let Jessie play with any of the dogs she wished.

Now that it was nearing the end of the day and the dogs and their families had gone home. Molly and Santa had retreated to the living room where Jessie was happily sleeping on the couch. The pair talked between themselves until Jessie woke with a big stretch and a yawn. She wagged her tail and trotted over to Santa to be petted.

Santa smiled. “I’m glad you’re awake Jessie. Molly and I have another present for you. Since, you’ll be living permanently with us, and traveling with me on the sleigh every year, we’ve decided that we should give you more sleigh riding lessons tomorrow. You almost fell out of the sleigh on Christmas Eve and I don’t want you to get hurt. Would you like to go for another ride?”

Jessie whined and barked excitedly. Since meeting the reindeer earlier she had wanted to get to know them better and make friends. Besides, she really wanted to go with Santa more often. If she needed more training she wanted it as early as possible.

Jessie sat on her haunches and looked excitedly between Santa and Molly.

“You’re lessons actually begin inside. You need to follow several rules . Do you think you want to ride on the sleigh again?”

Jessie barked and turned herself in a circle. She climbed up on the couch between Molly and Santa and smothered the pair in kisses.

“Excellent! Let’s begin.  First, and foremost it is cold up where we travel. It won’t bother you as much as it does me because of your fur but it won’t  won’t be enough to protect you all night when the temperature drops.  Christmas Eve was warm this year. You must  keep your coat on.  You can’t take it off like you tried to this year.”

Santa reached behind the couch and pulled out a red fur trimmed coat and hat. It was embroidered with Jessie’s name and had gold buttons down the front. Black trimmed boots completed the outfit.

Jessie looked at the clothes questioningly. She didn’t like clothes but if she had to wear them to travel with Santa again then she would. Jessie jumped off the couch and sat in front of Molly, and waited for her to put the suit on her. When she was fully dressed Molly pulled out her digital camera and snapped a few pictures.

“Jessie, you’re adorable. Your picture could be on a postcard.” Molly smiled, her dimples dancing on her pudgy face. “If you don’t watch out Santa then Jessie will take your job.”

Santa smiled and cleared his throat. “Now Jessie, the second rule is this. You must never, ever, lean outside of the sleigh. If you lose your balance you could fall down to the ground. Do you understand Jessie  You almost fell out Christmas Eve?”

Jessie moved in front of Santa and barked.

“OK, Jessie. The next rule is that you must never bark at the reindeer. If the reindeer get distracted we could end up in Egypt when we wanted to go to England. The final rule Jessie is that if anything happens to me when I’m in a house you are to come back to the North Pole with the reindeer. You are not to worry about me, or wait for me. Understand, Jessie?”

Jessie barked. She was not so sure about traveling by reindeer any more. Bone chilling cold, falling out of the sleigh, Santa going missing, all of these possibilities scared her. Yet, at the same time she wouldn’t be left behind for anything. If Santa was going on the sleigh so was she. Besides, the trip on Christmas Eve had been fun and she wanted to go with Santa every year.  Jessie barked again and stood by the door.

“Tomorrow, Jessie. We’ll go tomorrow. I’m glad you’ve decided to come with me again . I’ve been hoping that you would keep me company more often” Santa took of Jessie’s hat and ruffled her fur. “Now, let’s have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we fly.”